Friday, August 10, 2012

~grateful for...this day~

Our mornings have been startlingly cold this week.
Ice-cream headache kind of cold (as soon as you inhale).
Still can't fell your toes at 10am (after the school run and a quick coffee) kind of cold.
Needing a sign to put on the children who refuse to put on anything other than a t-shirt saying "I did offer them a jacket, I am not a negligent parent" kind of cold.

Today I felt brave.
I wrapped up well and headed to the beach.
The breeze was cruel.
The sun shone but there was precious little warmth in it.

Slowly, but surely, the magical effects of being near the sea were with me.
My legs were tingling (and loving the chance to stretch and move)
My brain unravelled, untangled, unwound and my thoughts slowed.
I felt my shoulders ease down from beside my ears ... back  to where they belong

The sea rippled and sparkled. 
Garlands of blossom were slung across the sky.. 
The brilliant blues of sky and sea washed over and through me.

I felt nothing but grateful.


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  1. I need one of those signs for my kids, too ;) If I ever manage to convince my son to wear a long-sleeve shirt, I won't hear the end of it afterwards - how he was hot all day, and how he was so hot, and man, he was hot and why did I have to suggest long sleeve... Beautiful photos!

  2. You were brave, lovely photos!

  3. I do love the beach in winter, but I've been a wuss lately and haven't ventured there. I used to live just near where these pics were taken and loved walking, but now I'm away from the water I'm a bit lazier. Lovely pics Ally. The capture a sunny winter's day in Hobart well x

  4. Oh, how gorgeous! Nature brings out the poet in you! :)

  5. Lovely images and ideas and words... the blossom photo is really special. Well done you for getting out into that chilly air and turning it into something beautiful to share.

  6. I love love love your grateful post! And your pictures so lovely how pretty are cherry blossoms! Thanks for stopping by my grateful post I'm glad I'm not the only one who loves instagram hehe nice to meet you in this blog land! :)

    Steph from Steph&Husband

  7. look at those yummy blossoms!
    gorgeous pics & grateful post Ally ♥

  8. So so beautiful ally! I could almost feel that! Amazing images xx

  9. Ally. You always take the most amazing photographs . Beautiful xx

  10. ally, your captures are stunning! i, too, have kids that don't feel the need to wear their warms (i don't think they feel the cold the same way adults do...)

  11. Moments by the sea and the beautiful sea of Tassie can so amazing things for the soul and mind. I'm glad you were able to relax and unwind.xx


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