Friday, August 24, 2012

~ a mixed bag of gratefuls ~

I find it so much easier to be grateful when the sun shines and there are garlands of blossoms hanging across blue skies.

And I have so much to be grateful for this week:

*bathers ordered on ebay that actually fit and (almost) flatter 
{thank you Seafolly and your tactful ruching}

*I discovered a hidden pack of mini eggs 
{my favourites} 

*a fabulous day time trip to the cinema with my lovely (potential) sister-in-law to see a wonderful film (The Sapphires)
{we laughed and cried}

*the delight in my children's eyes at dressing up for book-week
{and their ongoing love of reading

* that my phone was revived by the lovely Apple man 
{and that my complete devastation at being sans instagram, email, contacts, camera etc was only very temporary}

 * a totally yummy haloumi salad for lunch from the cafe around the corner 
{my new regular}

Spring is coming.
Life is good.

What's your grateful list this week?
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  1. blossoms, mild sunny days, wild windy days, pancakes, running...

    love the photos :)

  2. What a lovely list, and beautiful photo's too x.

  3. what a lovely list of gratefuls! Blossoms do it for me too!

  4. Love your grateful list especially the apple man it's the best when they just replace your stuff for free oh so kind hehe!

    Steph :)

  5. Hi there, lovely post!! I have actually just started to read the Magic by rhonda byrnne and is based on grattitude and being grateful for everything in life.. such a great book - so far!! following you now!!
    Laura xxx

  6. Loving your gratefuls, must see The Sapphires, looks fantastic. I'm still yet to have an iPhone or Instagram, one day, love Posie

  7. What are mini eggs? ( I wonder if we have any hidden around here somewhere. Doubtful, given that I don;t even know what they are.)

  8. lovely list and gorgeous flowers.
    I'm grateful for studying going well and trip-preparing going equally smoothly...and always, my family and life :)

  9. What a great list! I smiled at the bathers one. It will be nice to see you back on IG. where did you get the nice haloumi? I love it!! Had some at Raincheck last week which was simple but nice :)

  10. Oh wow I love and want every single one of those gratefuls!! I think I'm generally happier and calmer when the sun shines... Especially after days of cold have kept us indoors! x

  11. Gorgeous photos, ruching truly is a wonderful thing isn't it.

  12. wonderful things to be grateful for! yay for flattering swimwear. i'm looking out for some, ruching sounds good!!


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