Monday, August 13, 2012

~ Monday ~

We love Mondays.
They're our slow days... errands, books, food shopping, hanging out.
Just me and him.

We dropped the girls at school, chose Daddy a birthday present, decided on dinner (tuna bolognaise*...we'll make it all together after school) and we shared some strawberries for morning tea (how happy is this house that there are yummy, juicy, relatively cheap strawberries in the shops again?).

We cleaned the floors (seriously messy - we had a birthday party here last night for my friend who turned 42 - there were far too many sprinkles around...and a terrible gravy accident), hung some washing outside (on.the.line....for what feels like the first time in  forever), made the beds, read some stories.

We decided to venture to the park (via the coffee shop)
We posted my first ever post cards as part of the post crossing group (am becoming seriously obsessed with snail mail)
He surprised me at the park.  Gone was my timid boy who liked help with climbing, sliding, doing.
He was off - mastering new tricks, showing off, having fun. 
Revelling in the freedom to move and challenge his body. 
Loving the feeble warmth of the sun.



Then off to do the rest of the school run.  Another quick play in the park.  Piano lessons, dinner, baths, reading, bed.

We love Mondays.

* tuna bolognaise is essentially a tuna, mushroom and tomato sauce for pasta that he wouldn't eat until we changed the name to a version of his favourite ever meal  - and now we eat it ALL the time.


  1. Love that you changed the name of your tuna pasta!
    Looks like a lovely Monday.

  2. Lovely slow days. May they last forever

  3. It is so nice to have that one on one time with one of your children, to just hang out together. The two of you sound like you know how to have a good time, coffee shop, playing in the park and a sunny day sounds perfect. xx

  4. What a great Monday. I love a play in the park and strawberries for tea :-)

  5. We love Mondays too. Mondays are our catch up day, our sorting out for the week, our grocery shop and library visit, perhaps the park, some cooking together, some afternoon play and a snuggle while we watch Play School. It's the day that we get our groove back after Mummy's work days and usually hectic weekends.

    I must try that trick with Pebble - she LOVES tuna mornay but won't eat bolognaise. Perhaps I'll call it tuna bolognaise! Then again... I don't want to turn her off her tuna mornay...

  6. I love Mondays too as it's my "weekend" (I often work Sat and Sun). A good day to get chores done it seems as that's what I do too. Isn't it lovely seeing the blossom coming out. Spring is not far away!

  7. Rowan and I love our Monday's, I miss him over the weekend so I shower him with kisses and cuddles. We hang out and do lego,, reading and the park. How lucky we are.


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