Friday, August 31, 2012

~ grateful for ... a break in routine ~

We played hooky last weekend
Skipped the soccer games, ran away from our usual weekend stuff.
We headed north and east. 
To the coast.

We breathed ocean air and it ruffled our hair (and our stale thoughts).
We watched some proud new GPs receive their fellowships (and the children laughed at us in our  "Hogwarts" academic gowns).
We ate delicious local seafood and went hunting for fairy penguins (in the dark).
We looked for baby lambs, blossom trees and new vineyards (and then put the DVD on when the road got too long).

It wasn't long but it was long enough (to jolt us out of routine and bring us together again).

I'm very grateful for our little break (and to live in this beautiful state).

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  1. Oh wow! Sounds perfect! And so nourishing! I can't wait to go away for a few days with both our girls - yet to have a mini holiday as a family of four! Adore your images Ally x

  2. It's good for the soul to shake off winter isn't it ?
    We're escaping this weekend and I am so looking forward to it.
    Love those striped tights.

    1. A daddy purchase - and I've just realised they're all in blues/denim - not planned at all!

  3. Wow, beautiful place, what a great way to spend a weekend x.

  4. lovely, sounds like a great trip. I'm going away soon with Mum, it will be nice to be out of routine. It's funny that it's something I enjoy but then afterwards, when I'm tired, I love getting back to routine.

  5. Did you find the fairy penguins? We had a picnic at the beach last weekend and we'll be doing it more often now that winter is over!

  6. Sounds like a lovely break. Love your photos.

    I loved Bichino, and Tassie for that fact, such a beautiful place :)


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