Sunday, January 12, 2014

~ summer stills ~

1.  A walk along the big beach on a gloomy day...sisters deep in conversation.  

2.  Our daily beach set up...we've very luckily had  some golden days this week and spent hours down there. We cart down chairs, umbrella, tent, towels, boogie boards, buckets and spades, the cricket set, food for an army and are set for the day. 

3.  Surf school...the lack of waves is perfect for these beginners. 

4.  We visited the nearby lavender farm and wandered through the (almost ready to harvest) flowers... simply stunning 

5.  The fun fair is in town ...

6.  Sand castle city...many patient hours of work

7.  My little beach bums (well, not mine luckily!)

Summer at the shack...and the living is good 



  1. Ah, Summer. My view this week was very much like yours and it was heaven. I arrived home today and YAY, a little red envelope waiting for me. LUPINS. My own (soon to be) lupins, all the way from the lovely Ally's garden. I can't wait to plant them. Thank you for your kindness. I still remember the eggs you sent me last year. What a darling you are. x

  2. I love all the sandcastles and of course the brightly coloured beach bums. Regards Kathy A, Brisbane, Australia

  3. What gorgeous summery shots. That lavender is just so very pretty x

  4. WOW! we are in winter here and your summer shots make me yearn for sunshine! gorgeous x

  5. Gorgeous images, you've really captured vibrant summer days.

  6. What glorious sun-washed light! I feel delightfully heady just looking at the photo of the lavender, it must have smelt so amazing. I love the sandcastles - they look like an ancient city!

  7. That lavender is just brilliant … love your summery shots :0)

  8. looks like a wonderful summer - love the first photo :)

  9. Awesome photos! I love the one at the top, it's gorgeous.

  10. Ahhhh Summer Bliss!
    Love those l'il beach bums xx


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