Sunday, January 19, 2014

~ more stills from our #summerattheshack ~

Our last week at the shack for this year and the weather was gorgeous.

We had long, lazy days at the beach with icy poles for lunch.  
There was lots of waiting for waves, hours of cricket and fun times with the cousins.

1.  Journalling and eating blackberry jam on toast - 2 of my favourite things.  I'm using the Kikki-K 365 diary and the kids and I are filling in the Q and A for kids (a new question every day).

2.  Beach cricket - we take all comers.  One bounce, one hand catches, no getting out on the first ball and strictly youngest to oldest batting order.

3.  Late evening at the beach as they were still waiting for the perfect wave.

4.  His boardies - all in a row.

5.  My little surfer dude.

6.  The NE coast of Tassie has the best climate for hydrangeas - they're everywhere in every hue and so beautiful.

7.  Flowers for mummy.

8.  The local cafe.

I think real life is going to hit us with some force this week.



  1. My goodness, some familiar territory for me - so lovely to see your shack shots here. My nan used to live at Richard St, then she had a unit on the Main St (above the butchers and right next to the shop and the pub) for my whole childhood. She's in a home in Scottsdale now - it's heartbreaking that she's not near the beach anymore, she loved it (and knew of some great fishing holes - if I could remember them I could show you one day!)

    I'm determined to either buy a shack there myself or at least rent a caravan and stay in the park so that I don't miss those summers by the beach. Lovely photos - thanks so much for sharing them xx

  2. I looks like you had a lovely week with gorgeous weather! Love the three cute! :) xx

  3. Love these shots, and his collection of boardies!

  4. Lovely summer memories and I love the ones of the boardies against the blue sky. Regards Kathy A, Brisbane, Australia

  5. Ally the b/w is amazing, I want that colorful windowsills over from stills. X

  6. looks like such a relaxing week. love the beach shots, and that colourful wall! popping in from em's stills.

  7. Great photos, love the bordies and the window sill plants


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