Sunday, January 26, 2014

~ stills from the end of January ~

1.  Pencils out ready to be sharpened - I am so not ready to be doing the back-to-school thing.  I'm not even sure the bags are fully unpacked from last year (we finished so close to Christmas, then we went away...enough excuses...I'm really just a lazy mummy!).  The holidays have not been long enough.

2 and 3.  Grace made cupcakes yesterday - start to finish all by herself (I did the washing up) - they were delicious.  I'm ready for her to move onto dinners now!

4.  I made a baked chicken/pumpkin/mushroom risotto for dinner one night when it was a bit chilly.  We all like this one  - except I have to pick the pumpkin out of Jacks.  How did I end up with a fussy eater??

5.  One of these waits for me most nights in summer.  Or a G and T. 

6. A baby lupin in the golden evening light.

7.  Sandpit mastercheffing with a donkey doing the tasting.  We talked about taking out the sandpit and replacing it with a herb garden this week - and since then they've used it every day.

8.  The juiciest, yummiest apricots.  This is the first year we've had fruit on the tree.   So good.

We had a quiet Australia Day today - a trip to the regatta down in Sandy Bay, a bbq, a nap and dinner with mum.  I was thrilled that Adam Goodes was named Australian of the Year.  I feel so lucky to be Australian and so proud of much of what our nation stands for but I really wish we could change the day we celebrate so that we can move forward in a more united way.


  1. When Grace is finished with your dinners would you kindly send her my way please :) By any chance did you make that pom pom coaster yourself? There is a DIY version floating around Pinterest that is too cute not to make! Happy Aussie Day to you too Ally and THANK YOU for your comment :)

    Sophie xo

  2. Very pretty all of them. Happy Australia Day! xx

  3. Lovely photographs. The sand pit made me smile.

    Leanne xx

  4. mmmm, cupcakes :) somehow the rule in our house ended up being that the baker has to wash the baking dishes, which always seems kind of unfair to me (at least, when I'm the one who has baked, lol)

  5. Loved the photos and the sandpit comment is a good one. My Mum always had a trick for when the grandkids visit. She used to put most of the toys away and only have a certain number/bunch out for them to play with for a few weeks then she would swap them and bring out another bunch and put them away. This way it kept the kids interested instead of the same huge array of toys just sitting there. I think she had a point don't you. Regards Kathy A, Brisbane, Australia

  6. This is such a lovely collection, the little critters in the sand pit made me smile!

  7. The holidays are never quite long enough are they! Cupcakes look yummy - roll on the dinners AND the washing up!

  8. I love the light in your stills this week, Ally (or should I say last week - gosh I'm behind!)


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