Friday, January 24, 2014

~ floral friday - the lavender farm edition ~

Every year when we go to the shack I promise myself a visit to the Bridestowe lavender farm (30km away in Nabowla).

And then we hit the beach, holiday mode settles upon me and I find it hard to summon up enough energy to drive into town, let alone along the dirt roads to visit the farm.

But this year the children asked to visit having being intrigued by stories of lavender icecream from other kids on the beach.
So off we went, all armed with cameras, ready to play tourist in our own state.

We were lucky - the flowers were beautifully in bloom (just prior to harvest time) and entry is free for locals.  Plus the lavender icecreams and lavender scones were delicious (lucky really because other than wander and take photos there's really nothing else for the kids to do other than make an icky-sticky mess with purple icecream).

It's truly a feast for the senses - gorgeous vistas, a steady hum and thrum of buzzing bees in the air and the heady, intense lavender scented perfume. I had a lovely wander with my camera set to manual - lots of perfectly pretty purple photos!


  1. Gorgeous photos Ally, what a delight to visit, smell, taste and SEE!

  2. Stunningly beautiful images! Wish my little group of lavenders looked as good as them!
    These are now on my wish list to go and visit! Thankyou!
    Have a lovely weekend! x

  3. utterly gorgeous - the colours are awesome


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