Tuesday, January 21, 2014

~ taking stock - January ~

Making : big plans for  our Europe trip - its getting close now - we leave in April
Cooking : easy lemon-y herb-y chicken and potatoes for dinner for the adults and bolognaise for the kids
Drinking : a nice cool sauv blanc
Reading: I'm on a Tim Winton roll  - re reading Dirt Music now
Wanting: a new handbag - mine's too big and too heavy
Looking: more relaxed than I have in ages
Playing: pass the pigs and yahtzee - Christmas games
Deciding: on a new camera to take travelling - I want something smaller than the DSLR but still excellent!
Wishing: the summer holidays would last longer
Enjoying: daylight savings
Waiting: for my nephew to arrive (very impatiently)
Liking: slow relaxed starts to our days
Wondering: if 2014 is the year I learn to crochet
Loving: fresh local cherries and apricots - I'm eating them with plain greek yoghurt for breakfast - so good
Pondering: how to make a move back into real general practice - I'm not ready
Considering: a hot chocolate before bed
Watching: the tennis
Hoping: for amazing adventures this year
Marvelling: at the way my son's brain works
Needing: a haircut - and colour

Smelling: the orange and vanilla hand cream I just applied
Wearing: daggy tracky and uggs - its getting cold outside
Following: not nearly as many blogs as I used to - so many blogs are just about selling product now - I don't really like it
Noticing: sore muscles from a stretchy class last night - my first one in a month - gosh it felt good
Thinking: there's only 2 weeks until my baby is in full-time school
Knowing: I'm going to miss him so
Feeling: lucky to live in Australia
Admiring: people with integrity
Sorting: out my office (again)

Buying: new school shoes for everyone
Bookmarking: yummy recipes to try - I'm determined to try a new recipe each week
Disliking: the political scene in Australia at the moment - I really don't want to vote for anyone in our state election soon
Opening: lovely snail mail that arrived while we were at the shack
Giggling: with the girls on IG
Feeling: optimistic

Taking stock is one of Pip's good ideas - do you sit and reflect on your life very often?  


  1. Thinking about returning to GPdom? Such a big ponder!!! x

  2. We are watching the tennis, too! but I will need to go to bed soon (getting old and therefore useless after late nights, hehe).

    As for a smaller camera, D bought me the Fuji X100S and it takes beautiful images. I am still getting used to all the settings and the fixed lens (35mm equivalent, which is a little wider than what I am used to) but it is a great size and fits nicely into my handbag (looks pretty cool, too!) :)

  3. I've heard great things about Dirt Music - love to know what you think when you're done! :)

  4. Such a beautiful post...

  5. Lovely. :)
    I'm loving the tennis, too (well, other than Aga losing yesterday).


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