Monday, January 20, 2014

~ our joyful moments - week 3 ~

This week Karin and I have both chosen landscape shots.

Mine is the familiar and inviting landscape of my very own bed - probably the thing I missed the most whilst we were at the shack - I sleep so much better in my own bed.

Karin has chosen a much less cosy shot - but she found such stark beauty on her walk - how different to the hot, dry landscapes here at the moment.

This is our 52 week project - shared here and on IG (#ourjoyfulmoments).



  1. beautiful - I love the cosiness of your shot & the crispness of Karen's.

  2. There's nothing like your own bed is there? Bothe of these are beautiful.

  3. I love that your sleeping space is colourful but still calm - just lovely, no wonder you miss it when away from it! Karin's winter landscape is beautiful too! :)


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