Monday, January 6, 2014

~ joyful moments of 2014 ~

Today is the first day of a 52 week project for 2014 in collaboration with the lovely Karin A.

We'll be taking photos each week  - on a very broad theme of joyful moments - and blogging and instagramming them (#ourjoyfulmoments).

Karin was lucky enough to find cherry blossoms in January whereas I am at the beach (and its still freezing).  This is the same beach we came to for many of the summers of my childhood and now I am creating new memories for my own family as we spend our summers here.  It's a very special place for me - even more so when I get the chance to spend some time alone out there.

I'm super excited about this weekly project - stay tuned for more joyful moments.


  1. both images are beautiful - what a wonderful project :)

  2. I'll look forward to seeing your shots each week, Ally. x

  3. A lovely idea, nice to collaborate joyful moments.

  4. Such a lovely idea for a project! I'm really looking forward to seeing it progress throughout the year :)


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