Wednesday, September 4, 2013

~ garden mood board Aug/Sept 2013 ~

Spring is my favourite time of the year.  The sheer pink exuberance of the blossom trees and magnolias lining the streets, the first hint of warmth in the air, the scent of jasmine and daphne as I break a piece off to bring inside each time I pass.

The garden is a beautiful chaotic rainbow - pinks, reds, yellows, blues and purples interspersed with bare patches and naked branches.

I love the prettiness, the sense of expectation, the promise of more.

How does your garden grow?  See other mood boards here and link up your own - I'd love to see it.


  1. my garden doesnt grow at the moment.. i must get onto that.,

    These images are so beautiful and simple!

  2. I love these Ally! Just look at those colours! What I'm loving at the moment are the fresh new leaves that are popping up every morning on our trees! It's magical knowing they're coming back to life :)

    Enjoy your blooms...
    Sophie xo

  3. just gorgeous - love the colours.

    spring is wonderful - all our fruit trees are racing ahead into full blossom, the anemones are going strong & various other bulbs-that-I-can't-remeber-the-name-of are blooming beautifully. They aren't all liking the unusually warm start to the season though.

  4. So lovely to see some spring captures. These are all very pretty! :) I love seeing the different seasons on our blogs - such a joy having friends down under. xo

  5. Hello! I've finally checked out your blog. Only have bare few moments, but this one first post if just beautiful. Oh I do ever so love your flowery images. Always.
    I hope you don't mind that I used some images from your IG feed on my blog post. They are all linked back (each photo individually), as well as a link with your name and IG link and your blog. I love your photos so much. xxx
    See you on IG - Petalplum

    1. Mind?? I'm flattered!!
      Glad to have found you in blog land too

  6. Oh Ally! These are all so beautiful. All so uniquely beautiful. Your flower shots always make my heart sing xx

  7. This is so beautiful. Look at those colours!

  8. Gorgeous styling here, Ally. Spring is springing and it makes me feel YAY! x

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