Tuesday, September 3, 2013

~ kids were here [September] ~

They're creative, imaginative, playful and fun.

They're also messy, careless, distractable, forgetful.

Our little people, the messes they make, the joy they bring, the love we share - it's what makes this house a home.

Each month I'm trying to remember to take some shots before I begin the endless tidy-up - see the other posts in this series here, here and here.

How's your house looking this week?


ps - the washing machine one is for Tahnee because she saw stars and I got a turtle.


  1. Ally, I love how creative all your shots are! You inspire me every week! Xx

  2. They make me smile. Yes, children in the home is wonderful in so many ways.

  3. haha finding a little sticker at the bottom of the washing machine makes for a nice change other than lint! such wonderful captures ally! I love the flowers for sale and the spelling on the fridge x

  4. I love this little set of captures so much. When you really look at the 'mess' and see their little imaginations at play. Never fails to make me smile anyway. I particularly like the first one and the poo and bum made me laugh. Just popped in from The Beetleshack.Holly.xx

  5. I love this series! I've been taking photos of the places I find my son's trains- they are so imaginative aren't they? xo- Megan

  6. Aw these are beautiful! They make me look at my son's random mess in a new light.

  7. Replies
    1. You have such a way with words

  8. What a beautiful way to capture the everyday. It makes all those messes like little art installations.
    (popping over from Maxabella'a rewind)

  9. Love this idea of capturing life as it is. Especially loving the headless lego men just blending right in with the rest of them as if nothing's missing! :)

  10. ADORE your 'kids were here' photography, Ally. x

  11. Their messes are gorgeous and so are these photos :)


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