Sunday, September 29, 2013

~ this week in stills ~



I know its an absolute cliche to say it but I really cannot believe how fast this year is flying by.
We've just finished 3rd term...only 10 weeks of school left for the year and then my baby will be finished kinder and off to full-time school (sob!)
It was the school's 60th birthday this week. We had a music assembly, many renditions of Birds of Tokyo's "lanterns" song and then a lantern parade through the streets of Sandy Bay on a cold and rainy night - lots of fun.

1.  My grade 4 photo from the same school my children now attend.  The lady who was the cleaner when I was there still helps out in the classrooms most days - and she remembers me (eeep! - that can't be a good sign).  I'm the one with waaaay too much hair (nothing's changed) in the front row.  How daggy we all look!

2.  I like a fund-raiser that's actually useful - these are really good t-towels - and so cute!

3.  Very Tasmanian homework.  I love the comment from the teacher - my chatty daughter struggles to stop giggling and gossiping long enough to get most of her work done.

4.  Playing memory with grandma.

5.  The tall-ships in full sail heading out of Hobart and towards Sydney.

6.  The park gang - hogging the swings and loving the spring sunshine

7.  Purple meringues for the grand-final.  Our team didn't come first but we're still very proud Freo fans.

8.  The blue-bells are springing up everywhere in my garden  - love that soft blue.

Its holidays now. We're planning less routine and more fun. Hopefully some park trips, MONA, sleepovers, a walk on the mountain and some beachcombing.

How's your week looking?
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  1. That school photo is just classic! Sunny will be attending the same school I went to next year! It'll be interesting to see who is till there. My surname certainly hasn't been forgotten :) A lovely week to you Ally...

    Sophie xo

  2. I do love looking at old school photos and I think it's great your little ones go to the same school you went to, it would feel comfy and familiar when you visit each day, I like that:) Ahh yes finishing work I have a little chatterbox that lives here too. I had forgotten all about memory will have to get that one out again. Enjoy your school holidays. x

  3. I *love* the school photo! and all I could think about this week was the tall ships and how much I wanted to be in Hobart to take photos of them!

    Wonderful stills - hope you have a great week! x

  4. Love that school photo! Hoping my little ones will be going to the primary school I went to as well. And wow to the ships photo - I so want to witness that! x

  5. Love your meringues! Such a fun day yesterday despite the Grand Final result. I headed down to Freo bright and early on Saturday morning with the girls on our usual Saturday morning visit to the markets to buy our fruit and veg... there was a stream of fans already heading into town, dressed in purple. The atmosphere there was amazing... everyone was so happy and with two little purple fairies following me around, the stallholders kept giving them free fruit as they were in such good spirits!

    Love your tall ships photo and your class shot is great! We have a few of those pretty blue flowers springing up here... I didn't realise what they were :) First day of holidays here tomorrow too... will be nice to have a break in the school routine. Enjoy your week ahead xx

  6. It does go quickly doesn't it?
    Love the tall ships shot & those meringues look delicious!

  7. Looks like a good start to your holidays - we are half way through ours although it's been rather busy with our visitors and 4 are still low, recovering slowly from the flu. The tall-ships must have been a great sight.

  8. Love the swing gang - gorgeous.
    Have a great week...halfway through the holidays here - BOO HOO


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