Saturday, September 28, 2013

~ taking stock : me, today ~

I really enjoyed Pip's taking stock list last month 
(I asked Lil if she would like to do one too and it was a great insight into my very quiet and introspective child)

So here's today's - its very clear I'm suffering a bad case of purple fever.   

Making : the kids blow up balloons in Freo colours
Cooking : purple meringues
Drinking : green tea with rose petals from T2 – my new addiction
Reading: Jo Nesbo
Wanting: new sandshoes (mine are falling apart and a bit stinky)
Looking: at the mountain out my window every day for a moment of calm
Playing: sleeping queens with the youngest
Wasting: good sleep time by staying up too late watching crap tv
Fixing: Flop the dog whose ear is falling off
Deciding: whether to sign the contract for a new job
Wishing: on shooting stars
Enjoying: spring popping up in my garden
Waiting: for snail mail surprises
Liking: greek yoghurt and fruit on my muesli
Wondering: how in can possibly be nearly October
Loving: my new rainbow cushions
Pondering: activities for the school holidays
Considering: planting some new seeds today
Watching: Cloudstreet on dvd and loving it
Hoping: that Freo will play well today – and maybe even win
Marvelling: at my children’s resilience
Needing: more uninterrupted sleep
Smelling: all the lovely jasmine in the garden
Wearing: purple today (have you spotted the theme of the day?)
Following: lots of lovely blogs
Noticing: the little things (always)
Knowing: my intention are good
Thinking: I really should get around to learning to crochet
Feeling: calm
Admiring: pretty spring gardens in the neighbourhood
Buying: some new gym gear with my birthday voucher
Getting: stronger
Bookmarking: recipes for spring salads
Opening: lovely surprise mail from our IG mail exchange
Giggling: at my children’s dancing 

Did you try this last month?
Do let me know if you join in today - I may not make a lot of lists myself but I love reading them!


Go Freo 


  1. Loved your list, Ally:) Thanks for stopping by to read mine. x

  2. Firstly your flower photo is just beautiful and I love purple:) I liked reading your list, purple meringue making sounds fun, looking at Spring arriving I can imagine a pretty site and deciding on a job sounds like a big decision to make. Enjoy your Sunday. xx

  3. gorgeous photo & I love reading your list :)


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