Thursday, October 27, 2011

~ random thoughts whilst doing the washing today ~

Where do all those odd socks go?

Why doesn't anyone else get lights vs darks?  (still missing the pink load)

Why do 6 year old girls change 4 times a day and dump everything in the wash?

Hankies really are better than tissues.

Why don't I turn all the clothes in the right way before washing? (I really get irked doing this when I'm folding)

How on earth did women of previous generations manage to have one washing day when I have 7?

Do I need to go back to work so my brain gets a better work out?


  1. I wonder often about the socks...and it seems to me that how much I like the socks influences whether I will lose one. Great socks disappear, ugly ones stay around.

    I love leaving the clothes inside out because I iron them inside out. Still can't believe I actually iron now - I never ironed when I was at work (well, unless it REALLY needed it and it was one item at a time, each morning, as needed). Now I have an evening of ironing a week, and scarily, I enjoy it! Coffee or wine with it and music...relaxing...

    How on earth did women of previous generations all? Wow, so much respect now.

    My brain definitely needs a workout. Blogging kinda helps a little, don't you think? x

  2. ps...have a look at one of the pics I posted last night...that explains where some of our socks go...haha

  3. I know a mother of three who says there are never odd socks in her household. I don't know how.


  4. perhaps they run away to join the circus? :P

  5. My Mother use to say “count your socks everyday” I remember asking her when I got older why she said this instead of count your blessings every day, she said because it was a blessing if you found your sock every wash day. I always remember her little saying when I’m folding socks up now just something that has stayed with me all these years. Hope you have a great weekend my friend.

    Always Wendy


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