Tuesday, October 18, 2011

~ a year ago today ~

A year ago today we moved out of our house to start the big renovation.

{the back of our house just before the builders moved in}

Tonight we had dinner on the deck, basking in the sunshine of a beautiful day and enjoying our new outdoor space.  I love daylight savings and the extra long evenings and I'm loving the newer version of our house.

{from the same spot - the newer version}

It's been a long, busy, chaotic and ultimately very rewarding year.  I'm not sure either of us are planning to renovate ever again but we're very happy with what we've learnt and where we've ended up.

We're not completely finished (does that ever happen?) - in fact the painter was here again today finishing the garage roof and painting the bay window (I had thought I wanted to leave as stripped pine but its now a beautiful gleaming white and I can't wait for the curtains to arrive).

We are enjoying living here much more than we ever did. The Doc says he's never moving again...

I'm more of a "never say never" kind of girl....


  1. Wowis it the same part of the house?Great job!We moved soooo many times I am almost scared to decorate the walls :)Last few years we did some renovations (the house we moved from :))and I am soooo glad there is none to do here but still "things" to be done...lol:)Enjoy the result!xx

  2. Hi Sandrine - the photos are taken from about the same spot. We've moved a lot too - happy to be settled now.

  3. Oh wow, looks amazing! Love the renovations! Enjoy your new old space :)

  4. You lucky, lucky, lucky, clever duckies. (also for being on the best side of a renovation experience).

  5. how dreamy. this is beautiful. xo.

  6. Looks fantastic! We (the children and I) have just finished major prep and painting of our main living rooms. So pleased to have it done. Just this amount of work was very dusty and messy!

  7. It looks beautiful Ally, I love the french door out onto the deck:) Isn't it a great feeling getting to the end of a renovation? And even nicer when you are feeling content. x

  8. Hi Ally, thanks for stopping by my blog!

    I love the transformation, it is a massive improvement. Enjoy it! Am jealous you have DLS too...one day we will get it in Qld (and all our curtains will fade and the cows won't get milked...).


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