Saturday, October 8, 2011

~ i-thanks ~

This week, like so many others around the world (geeks and non geeks), I have mourned the death of Steve Jobs.  His work and passion have changed the world forever. 

It is not much of an understatement to say I love my iphone (and the ipod is a close 2nd) and I really am thankful most days that I have this amazing gadget to help and amuse me.

So I give thanks for the life of Steve Jobs.  A creative, brilliant and brave man who died too young.



  1. This is reallly interesting. I also love my iPhone more than any other Apple gadget I have. Maybe because much more of our lives depend on it.Btw, have you seen the video of the iPhone4S? It is amazing! xx

  2. Oh, and if you have time, you might want to check out Steve Job's speech which I wrote about here. Have a good day, Ally. And thanks for dropping by.

  3. he was a brilliant man! and how lucky to be adopted by good people who loved him!

  4. RIP Mr Jobs. Is it crazy to say that I have been in such a 'school holiday bubble' that I only found out about his death on the blogs today... embarrassing! Last I heard he was retiring not long ago. Seems such a waste. x

  5. Definitely something to be grateful for, i love my i phone! x

  6. Yes so sad when people go way too early...I found out about his death while at the gym and then when I got out was "touched" by the amount of people holding and typing away on their phone...!


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