Sunday, October 23, 2011

~ and now he is 3 ~

I love birthday #3.  Its when they get it.  When they realise the presents, the cake, the fun is all about them.  He revelled in it.  Squealed for the presents.   Screamed with joy at the balloons.  Looked fit to burst as he ate his 4th piece of kite cake. (So glad he finally went for this and not the fairy princess castle - not because of the whole boy thing but because the kite was far more my skill level).  Started planning birthday #4 as soon as we got home.

We didn't go all out for this birthday - the little man only wanted "my best friends" and in the end this turned out to be our regular Tuesday morning park gang with a few almost-family friends thrown in.
So it felt casual and relaxed.  Just perfect for him.  And for us.

We made waaay too much food. This is a family tradition.  We had fairy bread and striped jellies, choc crackles, honey joys and strawberries.   I tried some new things too - the little teddy cars and the grissini wands were hits (thankyou Emma and your wonderful blog ). The girls made the lolly boxes.  We marvelled at how rich he's made our lives and how much joy and love he brings.  We had fun.

I'll write him a letter tonight.  I have a special book for each of them where I write a letter each birthday and record the highlights of the year and my thoughts on how they are growing.  It makes me cry each time I write it (or glance through it).  Its such a bittersweet experience watching them grow, knowing that they'll never be THIS perfect age again but hoping the next one will be fabulous too.


  1. It sounds like a great party, casual and relaxing, parks are great for parties aren't they:) Love the kite cake and the wands I bet they were all gobbled up. We always seem to have too much food at parties too but it's always good for lunches at school for a couple of days or an easy dinner that night:) I really love the sound of your letter idea to each of your children on their birthday, what a special record to keep and remember. Glad all of you had so much fun celebrating. x

  2. What a lovely birthday party!! If you don't mind, I might steal your kite birthday cake idea for Roo's birthday (also 3) - if I blog it I'll link to you!!!

  3. Oh and HAPPY BIRTHDAY to your little man!!

  4. Happy Birthday to your little one :)I love all your Birthday treats Ally!The teddies in the cars are soooo cute!What a great idea to write that letter each year!Time just fly wayyyy to fast...My girls are getting as tall as me( well it is not very hard thought!) and I still remember the early bits so vividly...Pictures are also so great to look back in amazement!

  5. mmm, that cake looks good :)
    Happy Birthday to your boy & glad the party went well

  6. Happy Birthday to your special one. Love all the party treats the cake is amazing. That's beautiful that you write in a little book for them. Hope you have a wonderful day my friend.

    Always Wendy

  7. What a beautiful birthday! Love the kite! I did a princess castle once - nearly killed me! Cakes are not my strongpoint with parties. Love the chocolate wands - Great photo too! Your photography really is fantastic.


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