Monday, October 10, 2011

~ in which I get to see my husband in a new light ~

I met my husband at work.
More correctly,  he was my boss (in a kind of junior, slightly less junior, senior, more senior, boss ladder type affair where I was the bottom rung and he was a step up).
We had, as one of my friends likes to bring up at all sorts of awkward occasions, one of those Grey's Anatomy type romances that involves the on-call room.

So I've seen him in action (at his job)  In fact, that's the where and why of how I fell in love.
He was (is) a caring, compassionate, highly skilled doctor who has bedside manner in spades.
Occasionally we still work together and so I feel very lucky to know the work and the home Doc - it seems to me that not many people know their partners in their work-role.

Last week I got the chance to see another side of him. 
He was convenor and trouble-shooter for a large conference of docs that I was attending.  He was cool, calm, professional, managerial (and added bonus - he looked great in his suit).
People kept coming up to me and gushing about his skills as a manager, organiser and motivator and to tell me what a success he was in this new role.
Total eye-opener for me - this is the man who can't find his socks, who has sent his children to school without underwear, who never knows what we have on tonight, let alone next week....

It was a privilege to see him like that.
I like this new Doc.

{Sadly  - not enough to stop begrudging all the late nights and phone calls and extra (unpaid) work time completely - but enough to stop the nagging and start the praising a little more.}


  1. I can relate to the late nights and expected overtime. You must be proud of Doc in his new role, admiring him in his suit;) I haven't seen my hubby in action completely at his job, I hear the phone calls occasionally and see him at the computer until all hours though, sometimes this is not so much fun but I admire him and all his hard work. x

  2. Ok, i hope this works as non of my comments have been able to be saved here, damn Blogger!!
    This is a gorgeous story, 99% of my friends met their husbands at work, some on work experience, giggles. I have to do a post on this!!
    I was a little teenage Uni student & thought i'd join the Army Reserve for fun, of course, i fell in love with my instructor & the rest is 18 years of history with 4 children who LOVE the story!! Naturally i went on to be a pharmacologist, he joined the regular Army & is currently on his 3rd tour of Afghanistan!! I have no idea what he does at work now, only that i know he is well loved by his soldiers, an excellent soldier dripping in medals & awards, has incredible job satisfaction & has a very supportive wife & family waiting for him at home.
    Doctors, it's a tough life, we have a few in the family - actually shots of my brother & his son on today's post. Country doctors, they know how to have fun!! Love Posie

  3. Yay, it worked. Now Ally my love, please email me your courier address & contact phone for the Lego giveaway you won on my blog to be shipped to you. Love Posie

  4. What a lovely positive story. Being married to a doc myself, I can relate to the little part in brackets down the bottom - the hours really do suck! Makes it much easier to cope with though when u put a positive slant on it though doesn't it. I find it very hard to imagine my husband slicing into people and operating on them - it's a different world! Must be great to be able to share that.

  5. Nice to read a little more about your story Ally.I too met hubby while working...Such a nice thing when you can share the understanding etc.I must admit you made me laugh with the "eye opener":)I Hope you all get lots of rewards like that for those long hours etc...x

  6. I can relate to this disorganised husband who leaves his keys, wallet and phone in all sorts of locations is well respected and has a level of responsibility at work which MUST involve some sort of self-organisation and planning that I don't often witness!


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