Sunday, October 30, 2011

~ from our garden ~

{Cecile Brunner roses in a small milk bottle}

{pear, rocket, pine nut and parmesan salad - only the rocket is ours!}

{fresh lemons - a shared harvest from our tiny tree and mum's huge one}

We enjoyed some fruits of our labours this week.
The sweetest scented roses from the spilling abundance along the fence.
Lemons (our first ever crop this year) made into never-fail Lemon Delicious Pudding from the Perfect recipe book and shared with friends.
Rocket that self seeded and went into a salad for a quick dinner during the week.  (My current favourite salad - fantastic with Kelly's traditional dressing).
Basil shredded on tonight's feast of slow cooked beef ragu (from the latest Donna Hay magazine - it may have been slow-cooked but it was gobbled too fast for photos).
And some little parcels in the post from blog giveaways (although I can't really claim any labours other than commenting) - thank you Megan for the skin care and Posie for the lego.

Do you cook from your garden?  What's your favourite recipe to use your home produce?


  1. You post has me wanting some beautiful pink roses and to come over to your house for dinner and dessert:) Cooking from produce in your garden always makes me smile, it makes you feel a little proud you helped to nourish your family. The other night I made a parsley pesto which is really yummy and plenty leftover for me to have with crackers for lunch and I recently roasted some beetroots too which were yummy. x

  2. Roses, lemons and rocket, each wonderful rewards from your garden. Your photos of each are beautiful too.

  3. Oh to grow roses like that, Ally. Beeooutiful! x

  4. Oh so very beautiful! I love all things home grown/home cooked. I can't choose! :) It would be fun if you join my challenge next month. That would mean that you would share spring and summer shots when we have winter ditos. :) So much fun that you also have lemons to harvest now! Have a wonderful week ahead! xo

  5. Those roses are divine I can smell them from here, love home grown food they look wonderful my friend. I hope you have a great day.

    Always Wendy


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