Monday, October 3, 2011

~ the October project ~

{the beginning}

For the longest time I've been thinking about making a patchwork quilt.
I started once...years ago....with mum's scraps.  I remember ghastly pastel florals (I'd probably love them now as vintage) and wonky stitches all of which got shoved in a bag and forgotten when I made no progress over what seemed like months.
But now I'm feeling game.
I want to craft, to make, to do.
To pour some love and effort into something tangible.

The girls are already bickering over who it will go to....I've warned them not to hold their breath.  I'm under no delusions that this is a long-term project.
I'm hoping to tough it out this time and get it finished.
I can see I'm going to be obsessed for a little while.

I'm feeling hopeful though...and inspired.
I'll keep you updated.

What's your latest project?

{my September project was all about me getting fitter and feeling better about myself.  I joined a gym for the first time ever.  Somewhat surprisingly (to me, at least) - I've been going regularly - swimming, spinning and stretching.  I'm feeling good.  No teeny tiny waist yet... it's obviously a w-i-p}


  1. I'm loving your new project and the colours of your fabrics:) I've got a few projects going on at the moment library bags, burp cloths, a doll and a crochet ripple blanket too many but it is fun:) Yeah for your exercise routine you've almost motivated me. (lol) xo

  2. What a great project, the fabrics are so beautiful. I did start sewing a quilt last year but never finished it. I will try to do that this year but now I'm thinking of knitting a scarf. Have a lovely week!

  3. this looks wonderful. can't wait to see it finished. i am currently ordering some fabric to do something similar for Penny. I only have one girl so no fighting over who will get it. Good luck with it. have fun!!

  4. J'adore hexagonal paper-pieced patchwork, Those fabrics look perfect for it. Can't wait to see your progress.

  5. ooooh looking good!and you said the apple pincushion was a hard one?! lol Quilts are my love/hate kind of craft...what's up here? Errr so many crafty things my head is spinning, I want to make lots of pressies too for the Xmas time very hopeful so far :)
    PS: Congrats on your September action plan, wonderful...Keep at it Ally!
    xx Sandrine
    PPS:You should come and join the photo challenge with your delightful shots too!

  6. Nothing quite like having a project! :-D

    I challenged myself to learn how to crochet over the last school holidays and made my first granny square. Have delusions of making an advent calendar and crocheting some cute tree decorations.

    In the mean time I'm baking every week in the lead up to Christmas and posting a new recipe.

  7. Me too! I want to make a quilt for my bed from vintage fabrics. It seems like a large project but little by little and enjoying the process will make it worthwhile. I love your fabrics! :)


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