Sunday, October 16, 2011

~ things I've learnt (the ballet version) ~

Ballet concert season is approaching fast.
It's the Wizard of Oz this year (no, I never knew that was a ballet either).
It's been two years since the Nutcracker and I had forgotten the rehearsals, the make-up (on that sweet, soft skin - enough to make me cry) and the whole palava of it all.

This year Lady L is a clown (who knew there were clowns in Oz?) and Princess G is a farm girl (who has to dance with a "ridiculous" farm boy).  Thankfully my follicularly challenged girl is not to have a bun this year (sighs of relief all round).

So this weekend has seen me sew on my first ever press studs (amazing that I've got this far without that skill really) and do my first ever perfect ballet bun (even if I do say so myself).


Maybe, just maybe, I can be an ok ballet mum even if I won't slather the make-up on and use glue instead of stitching on my sequins.


How was your weekend?
Learnt anything new?


  1. lovely neat bun - clever you - I've never tried - and probably never will!

  2. Hello- new follower here
    That's a very neat bun and I love that you've never done pressstuds I havent either
    Off to check your other posts

  3. haha did the concert few years in a row swearing that was the last one every time:)!The air spray cloud, smell and all its stickness still stick in my mind :)!I though that was my little Miss Audrey's hair on your pic :)Well done and I am sure your girls are getting super excited, and will love those ballet pictures forever! xx


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