Tuesday, August 2, 2011

~ missing the pink ~

Its gorgeous outside - sunny, hint of breeze and the first thought that pops into my head - perfect drying day.  (Perfect for Tassie that is - not the perfect we used to have in Perth when just as I finished hanging out a load the first things were already dry!)

Don't worry - I know how sad that is.

So I hung out the washing and I couldn't help noticing the lack of pink .  For years I've been doing the dark, the light and the pink load.  And now there is no pink.

Lady L and Princess G have almost totally eschewed it.  (I would have said totally but the Doc took them shopping for new doona covers on the weekend and they both came home with pink versions.  I suspect the desire of new won out - maybe in the light of not much choice -but the bedroom redecorates are definitely on hold again).  

{when all was pink}

No skirts, no cute stripey tights, no fairy dress-ups...and no pink.  

My little girls are growing up and while I marvel at their new achievements and enjoy every stage there is a little part of me that feels a pang for the fairy princesses that used to live here.  And the pink load.


  1. My oldest daughter "hates pink" and refuses to wear anything that is solid pink...and she is only 8 (well she will be on Monday) and her little sister who is 5 is starting to follow suit. However I think I still have a few years till it is totally gone:)
    Suzie xx

  2. What a beautiful post. My 7.5 year old daughter has never liked pink, but her little sister, 2.5 is obsessed. I can't imagine a line without pink now! I'm finding myself checking the weather on my iphone each day, just to check on the likelyhood of clothes drying. We lived in Alice Springs for a while and, just like you in Perth, the clothes dried in half an hour!

  3. Sometimes I wish I'd had a pink load - always blue and red and black here - too many boys :-)

  4. I think I will be very sad too when my youngest 7.5year old stops wearing pink, it will mean they aren't so little anymore. I'm finding the growing up business a tricky one at the moment, my oldest who is almost 12yrs. She doesn't like pink at all and hasn't liked it nearly as much as the little one. Glad there was some warm sunshine your way yesterday. x

  5. this is a beautiful post!

  6. Gorgeous post! I felt sad this morning when I put Bean's last onesy away. She is 1 tomorrow and we seem to have progressed away from the all-in-one. Such mixed emotions, just like yourself. Excited and happy that she's growing up but little pangs of sadness. I can absolutely understand why people end up having more babies than they originally plan.

  7. I miss pink now at our house too! and skirts, dresses, fairy costumes, tiaras........ xx

  8. Ally, I loved this post - I know I will miss the pink load too. Ivsuspect my second daughter will always want a little rosy in her life, but my first daughter was over it by 2. Her fave colour these days is blue!

    I read your comment on my 'patience' post at RBU today... I wanted to let you know that our Mr 7 has had a mattress at the foot of our bed for about six months that is his go-to place in the night. We needed our bed back (to make room for his siblings, apparently, but that's another story!) If he gets through the night without waking us, the mattress stays. If he wakes us, it goes.

    Working well as for years our sleep strategy for our son has been "whatever gets themost people the most amount of sleep"!!

    Best wishes. x

  9. I can totally understand. Mary is still quite girly which I hope she keeps.

  10. I'm so glad I have boys. There's no pink here. Though I do buy sports socks that have pink on them to try and stop a) Rob wearing them and stretching them or b) the boys wearing them and trashing them.


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