Tuesday, August 9, 2011

~ musical beds ~

I'm feeling tired today
This is NOT a new feeling (by any means.  I'm not going there though.  The whole sad litany is enough to have anyone reaching for the anti-depressants, the gin or another blog to read).  In fact, things are so much better than they were 12 months ago that I don't feel I have the right to even mutter under my breath about it (except of course I do because that's what some mum's do - sacrifice sleep for love and then talk moan about it when anyone will listen).

[Just in case reading about someone's else's sleep woes might make you feel a bit better about your own lot in life here's a very brief summary. Princess G has barely slept through a night since birth.  She's almost 7.  She was having bizarre night terror type events that lasted started at 9-ish, lasted all night and that had our GP, the paediatrician, the web and the anyone else who would listen totally baffled.  We had tried eveything - including special permission to use a drug they use for airforce pilots with disrupted sleep cylcles.  And nothing.  Cue an amazing osteopath, a gradual improvement and a total reversal in my opinion of alternative therapies. We have our evenings back now and things are gradually improving all round.]

But the musical beds thing is getting to me.
The small people who live in this house can't seem to get enough of this game.
On and on and on...
Night after night...
The same old tunes....the same old game.

Things start well - we all love story time, they settle well, they are not serial get-uppers, the evenings are generally peaceful. 
But I could count on one hand the mornings that we all wake up where we went to bed. 
Princess G comes for a cuddle,  I move to find a HRH LL J a dummy, I choose the empty single bed, someone has a nightmare/needs a drink/wants a cuddle/is moving from the snoring and joins me.  I move again.  Someone wakes early and we go somewhere else for an attempt at sleeping past 5am.  And there in the KS bed the Doc sleeps (snores) through it all - simply opens the arms wider to cuddle any strays. 

Part of me already knows that I'll miss it when its gone.  That those precious, barely awake hugs are like gold.  That I'll long for those little arms around me and those sleepy endearments.
But for now I want to wake up in the vastness of that KS bed, just me and the Doc, and realise that I've slept all night and that I feel good.


  1. oh i had no idea! you don't moan nearly enough ;)
    moan away... we can take it...

  2. It really is a bit moany isn't it - sorry!

  3. Do you think we'll miss it when it's gone? I'd give anything for everyone just to stay in their own beds all night... I don't think I'll miss it one bit!

    I didn't think you were moany at all. I TOTALLY get where you're coming from and it's all I can do not to scream. So moany is better than screamy, right? x

  4. Golly this sounds intense, yes moan away! I feel for you! My bub is sleeping through (well, this week anyway...) so your post has made me feel grateful. Hope you get some uninterrupted sleep really soon, in one bed.

  5. Well I am so glad that you could get some help for your little girl night terrors...Must have been terrifying, Thanks goodness for alternative therapies where would I do without them?!
    Lack of quality sleep is so hard...our younger girl used to wake up a lot...but one day it all stopped(she is 9 now)...so it will happen I am sure :)x

  6. Oh no it doesn't sound like much fun at all. Getting children to sleep and to stay asleep is not an easy task. My girls don't play musical beds with me but the little one will often concoct a plan to sneak into her older sisters bed in the middle of the night and sleep with her, the trouble is I hear everything. Even when they sleep I don't think you ever truly, deeply sleep. I hope things get better soon. x

  7. oh my ! .. I am tired just reading this .. thankfully after a rocky start and a cranial osteopath we now have very peaceful nights ..


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