Wednesday, August 3, 2011

~ wonderful winter blues ~

 My first wordless Wednesday post

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  1. Beautiful colours, love all these! Is that the cross process app?? If yes its my fav. If no how do you get that lovely feel to your photos?

    Thanks for stopping by my blog. I am happy i found yours. Its lovely around here. x

  2. I feel a bit like a copy cat - this is the second blog I've commented on right after miss amberlee (I hope i don't look like a crazy stalker).
    Your blog is indeed lovely. These first two photos are gorgeous but then most of Tassie is :)
    Thanks for your comment on my post which, of coarse led me to you x
    So much prettiness - I think i'll hang around if that's alright...

  3. yes I agree. Tasmania is a gorgeous place. and your photos are beautiful. i love the effect you have given to them. thank you for stopping by my blog. much appreciated. your space here too is very nice indeed!! see you again soon.

  4. Lovely winter photos. Too bad we only have dry or cold season here :(
    I'll be back :)

  5. It was quite warm here in Melbourne today for this time of year & that, coupled with another one of your stunning blossom snaps has gotten me very excited about Spring! Ahhhh...yay Ally thanks!

  6. Beautiful shots Ally. I love the blue against the other colours in the photos, it looks very effective. Have a great weekend. x

  7. Hi Ally,

    Thankyou so much for buying my Hottie! I can't seem to find your email address anywhere. Can you please email me on and I will give you all the details.
    Cam x

  8. What beautiful shots!I really love the two first ones :)x

  9. Gorgeous images. Just with reference to your comment on my blog, it's absolutely Ok to make the decision for your child & how they are transported. If you are getting a hard time, make up an excuse about continuing on or wanting to join in the party or something, it's your child & if another mother makes you feel bad about hanging around & driving your own 6y.o. in a proper car seat, well, just give off the vibe you just clearly care more about your child than she does of hers. The father of the party girl/ boy had no right to assume you'd be happy to have your child the bus he hired (seat belts, safety??) or without any knowledge of his driving record. Your gut is saying the right thing, don't do it!! Stay strong, refer them to my blog if you wish, i'm not anxious, i trust people but on this topic, concerning my children's safety, i'd rather drive my own & i'm talking 4 children with one in high school now!! Love Posie


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