Saturday, August 27, 2011

~ grateful for small victories ~

My first grateful post (officially anyway - several of them have expressed gratitude for blossom and friends and so on in the spirit of the blogs name) celebrates a milestone win.

Princess G's first ever trophy

Princess G's soccer team - the seashells (the boys teams are called sting-rays and sharks and scorpions - ha!) have played all year with huge hearts and grins but not a single win.
Today, the last game of the season, they won 4-1.
Its difficult to know who had the bigger grins - the girls or the parents who wouldn't have to trot out "its really all about having fun"  yet again this afternoon.

possibly the worst photo ever but I'm still a bit shy about showing the kids on here

Today we can celebrate a little win, revel in the joy of coming first and know that they really do love to play no matter what the score.

{Linking with the fabulous Maxabella who posts every week about how grateful she is}
(and I would be grateful if someone could teach me how to use the buttony thing)


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