Thursday, September 29, 2011

~ the one with the sick kids ~

When I signed onto this mummy caper (in truth there was no signing on, not much planning even) the one thing I thought the Doc and I would have a handle on was kiddy illnesses.  We're both medical, we have the bit of paper that says we completed extra kid training, we even have quite a good dose of common sense between us (not so common).

And its true, we can recognise, diagnose, not panic about the minor things - the colds, the cuts, the sore ears, the wheezy, moist coughs that have others running to the clinics.

The major things...well touch  a whole forest....we haven't had to deal with too much there; a couple of broken arms, a hospital admission for gastro, an asthma attack that had us at ED in the wee small hours.

Its the nuts and bolts of it that get me; I'm ok with blood but too much vomit, snot and poo have me running for cover.

And there's been way too much of it this week - all three have had a day or two off, the panadol's running low, there's not a whole lot of quality sleeping happening (but what's new?),  tempers are frayed and patience is low.

{our cute retro medicine chest - in truth, its full of chocolate hidden from the Doc}

So I'm hoping this week is the end of all those niggling winter viruses, funny bugs and what not.
That we can have quiet weekend at home, resting and recuperating and then move into the rest of spring happy and healthy.

What's your week been like?


  1. Oh no:( I'm not good with vomit either I send my hubby in to deal with that he's much better than I am. I hope everyone is feeling better soon and that you get some needed rest over the weekend. As for us nothing too exciting happening here. We've been trying to enjoy the last of the holidays hanging out with the cousins today before we get back into the routine of school.

  2. lucky you Catherine - the Doc is worse than me!

  3. That sounds a treat! Helped put things in perspective for me actually, thanks Ally :). We have 5 teeth hassling my daughter at the moment (4 molars and a canine - how harsh is that?). Plus I gave my last breastfeed a fortnight ago and my PND feels worse. I have heard the hormones can go a little haywire when you wean, so am being extra kind to myself. Can't wait to feel a bit better. I might get some more inspiration to blog too, I notice that suffers when I'm feeling yukky poo. I hope your family feel better very soon Ally! I shall remind myself that I could have a house of spewy poos and that might be a bit harder! Have a great weekend. x Chris aka Bean's mumma

  4. Oh Chris - the end of breastfeeding is always hard - and I didn't have any PND to deal with.
    Be very kind to yourself

  5. hope the kiddies are all better soon!

    I spent the week trying to work out what to pack for melbourne & being reminded how crazy spring weather is - from hot & windy to cold & rainy pretty much over night!

  6. oh no, i hope that you are all feeling better!

  7. Hey Vickie - have fun in Melbourne - its always impossible to pack for there!!

    We're all improving now - much less coughing - and better tempered parents!

  8. Oh not good!Hope you get some warmer weather soon , happy sunshine and all the things you need to get rid of those bugs! Take care xx

  9. Seems like last week was the week for illness. We had a dramatic Dr, then hospital visit as well. Not fun and plenty of panic from Mum!


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