Tuesday, May 26, 2015

~ taking stock - May 2015 ~


Making : envelopes and little papery things to put in them
Cooking : soup and more soup (and fabulous pork/beef meatballs)
Drinking : one coffee a day and lots of peppermint tea (and I had my first ever espresso martini on the weekend and it was fabulous!)
Reading: Craft for the Soul
Wanting: to find the remote for the apple tv so I can catch up on some shows
Looking: everywhere for it - where can those munchkins have hidden it?
Playing: yahtzee and chinese checkers with the children
Deciding: what to cook for tomorrow night - there's 10 to feed - I find that tricky on school nights
Wishing: I'd got the washing off the line tonight before the frost
Enjoying: evenings in front of the fire
Waiting: for the 3 little apples on our tree to be ready to eat
Liking: porridge with rhubarb for breakfast
Wondering: if my daughter will be well enough for school tomorrow
Loving: surprises in the letter box
Pondering: the value (or not) this government places on primary health care
Considering: buying lightroom and publisher so I can do an online course with life captured inc
Buying: warm jumpers for the kiddies
Watching: NCIS ( I really like Gibbs) and Masterchef
Hoping: it doesn't rain for the cross country this week
Marvelling: at the autumn colours in the streets
Cringing: at our governments treatment of refugees (always)
Needing: a drink of water
Questioning: my willpower (the chocolate stash is strangely deplete)
Smelling: that beautiful hyacinth (above)
Wearing: striped skirt, black cardy and tights
Following: gert geyer (she sent me a pretty letter this week)
Noticing: how dark the mornings are
Knowing: I need to exercise more
Thinking: about catching up with an old friend this week
Admiring: my neighbour's calm in the face of her terminal illness
Sorting: out my desk (its a weekly project)
Getting: ready for tomorrow tonight (its a busy one)
Bookmarking: slow cooker recipes (need to buy a slow cooker first)
Coveting: new bed linen
Disliking: how long the washing takes to dry
Opening: recipe books looking for dinner ideas
Giggling: at the text messages my daughter sends
Feeling: pretty content mostly
Snacking: raw almonds and carrots
Helping: navigate school cliques - its a tricky business
Hearing: my bed calling me

Friday, May 15, 2015

~ our joyful moments - weeks 18/19 ~

These are my photos for the first two week's of May's theme of #onthtable for #ourjoyfulmoments2015... I hadn't realised how similar they were until I saw them like this!

Week 18 saw me reading snail mail in the sunshine - with my usual paraphenalia around - glasses, keys, pens, flowers.

Week 19 features some beautiful snail mail from Scotland as part of a literary themed swap.  Rhiannon sent me the gorgeous Hogwart's express card and a fabulous letter - the Harry books are right at the top of my favourite books to read over and over again.  

Karin and I take a photo each week with a monthly theme.  You can see her beautiful shots over here.

I'll try and take a shot without milo in it this week!

Do you read books over and over?  Which ones?

Sunday, May 10, 2015

~ 10 on 10 - May 2015 ~



It was Mother's Day today - what a lovely day to document with a #tenonten series of photos.

The day started perfectly - family cuddles in bed,  beautiful cards (they always make me teary) and a new little toy to play with (featured in the list later).  I'm so very grateful to be a mum - its exactly who and what I'm meant to be doing right now and it brings me so much joy.

We were running late for the Mother's Day Classic (a walk to raise money for breast cancer awareness and research) that we participate in most years and so I had my breakfast up (less messy) and enjoyed the pretty pink carnations I'd helped choose yesterday (current flower crush - not trendy at all)

My card from Jack called me the best "huger" ever which is so funny as he always used to spell hug as huge anyway.

We wore pink shoes (and scarves) and collected lots of medals on our walk.

We joined my mum and some family friends for lunch.  I made a huge pot of my favourite lentil soup - this was the raita that goes on top.

I found the first tiny grape hyacinth for the season in the garden today - far too early.

The Question a Day book has been sadly neglected lately - we're trying to catch up a bit

The Instax printer was my present today - I love it.

The autumn leaves are so pretty - a big reminder to look up as well as down.

The seeds we planted a month ago today are going well 

Journalling at the end of the day - I'm being good with this.


How do you document your days?
Do you keep a journal?

Friday, May 1, 2015

~ this day ~






It's a stunning autumn day today - the sky is that piercing blue you only see in Australia, there's a gentle breeze, the leaves are fluttering to the ground.

I've been for a swim, I've bought some new winter uniform for Lily, I've downloaded our new book club book (Big Little Lies by Liane Moriaty - a Tasmanian writer) to my kindle to take away to the GP conference I'm going to this weekend.  I've opened some lovely mail - a copy of Michelle MacKintosh's book  Snail Mail (which I can't wait to read) and some unexpected and beautiful snail mail from Naomi Bulger (she blogs a lot about snail mail here).   My haircut has been cancelled :-(. I've had one coffee and I feel like I need another. We played pinch and a punch this morning and I lost.  I've folded washing and hung out more.  I've paid a parking fine I got last week when I was chatting to the med students too long after our tute.  I've filled out some forms so I actually get paid for my tutes. 

I've taken a couple of shots of the garden - I think I'll do this on the 1st of every month to document how its changing (or not).

That got me thinking about past May Days and what we've done.  I found these photos in the archives - all dated May 1 and there are some thoughts/words/memories from my journals.

2014  We arrived in Paris on May Day last year. It was thrilling and busy and fun.  Magical memories.  We ate McDonalds for dinner as it was a public holiday and everything else was shut.

2013  I used to create monthly mood boards from the things found in the garden to share on Karin's blog.  We don't have the cotoneaster any more - but I think I could find the rest out there pretty easily.
Jack was in heaven helping our cleaner out in the morning with enormous pink gloves on.  We had a date night and started dry May

2012  Grace danced the maypole dance with her school class as part of a very low key May Day celebration in St David's Park - she was so excited to see herself on the news.  I sent out some hand stitched snail mail love.

2011   Monday morning kinder gym adventures with a 2 1/2 year old
           "me want to go to my gym mummy"
           " no, not that way, walk THIS way"
           "no - don't like that dance.  me only like scarecrow dance"
            "no me don't want Simon to dance, me only want mummy" 

How's your day?