a little bit more about me


I'm Ally (or Sapa if you found me through Instagram or Flickr....long story!) and I live in Hobart with my little family.

I'm a doctor who's put her career on hold to raise my family and find the beauty in everyday life.  I take loads of photos, bake sporadically, occasionally attempt crafty activities, potter in my garden and send lots of mail.

My blog is a way of recording a life that seems to be slipping by all too quickly... its the little things, the big things, the things I don't want to forget or just the things that happened today.

I do hope you enjoy what you find here. 


  1. Hello Lovely! Congratulations! You've won one of the prizes from my blog giveaway - could you please get in contact with me (rin.dawson@ymail.com) ASAP re. your address so I can send something pretty your way! :) Happy Holidays! x

  2. I came to Tassie with a 5 week old baby and a two year old with my husband and an elderly friend. While those children are now 18 and 20, time seemed to stand still when they were little and suffered post natal depression. I so wanted to be a stay at home mum to nurture my children and I survived 4 years without going back to work. I do so treasure those memories and am glad to see that you value your children enough to give up work for them. It is celebrating the little things with children, being there to listen to them, laugh and cry with them, help out at school, bake cakes for the stalls and school celebrations, take them to sports, dancing etc. It is an immeasurable gift.


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