Tuesday, January 29, 2013

~ garden mood board - jan/feb 2013 ~



Much of my garden is scorched and parched - victim of the unseasonably (for Tasmania) hot weather we've had in January.  There are huge cracks in the ground, the grass is stubbly brown and many of the trees look almost autumnal with burnt brown leaves.  We've lost camellias, daphnes, roses and some fuschias.

There are survivors - the lavender is thriving, the agapanthus and most of the roses are pretty hardy, some of the smaller cottagey plants are just starting to bloom.  Our tomatoes are finally starting to ripen.

I'm doing monthly garden mood-boards with Karin and her friends again this year.  
What's growing in your garden?


Monday, January 28, 2013

~ list making ~

I am not normally a list girl.
I don't do shopping lists, lists of jobs or to-do lists.

Part of it is, I like to think that I've still got a good memory. 
{I definitely used to have a good memory - I knew all my friends phone numbers (before mobiles!) and when I was an intern I used to know all the patients record numbers from memory to write on their pathology forms.  I can't quite believe it now}.
I see the supermarket as a challenge... I always come home with stuff we didn't need (or think we needed) and I only sometimes forget things.
My to-do stuff is in my head  - its my belief that the jobs I don't get around to (or forget) weren't that important anyway!

My mother, on the other hand, is a champion list maker - lists for every situation, every task, every family member.   As a child I felt like we never got to the end of all that there was to be done.  Always something hanging over our heads. Everyone else felt organised and in control - I felt as though I could never rest easy while there was still stuff to be done.

Recently I stumbled across the  #52 lists project run by the fabulous Pip.  Every week she is giving a prompt for a list and sharing them on her blog and on instagram.
These lists are quirky and interesting.  There's no pressure to complete them.  My kind of lists.

Here are my first three:

List #1 - suburbs I've lived in

List #2 - jobs I've had

List #3 - favourite childhood tv shows

I'm still kicking myself that I forgot The Wombles, Bewitched and Round the Twist on my 3rd list.

Are you a list-maker?
What were your favourite shows when you were a kid?
Would you like to play along? (join up here)

Saturday, January 26, 2013

~ summer ~

We've been at the shack.

We've been soaking up golden sunshine, beaching our days away
{at our magic beach - the beach of my childhood summers, the beach that is becoming the backdrop to many of our happiest family memories}.

We've been letting the days spool away without obligations, to-do lists or appointments.

Instead we've been castle-building, kite flying, kayaking, icy-pole eating, jigsaw puzzling, bike riding, bbqing and just being together.





The colours of our summer have been the stunning blues of the water and the sky, the gold of sun and sand (and the glow of our goldening skin despite the layers of SPF 30+), the summery brights of icy-poles, bathers and beach toys.

The sounds of our summer have been giggles, the slam of the wire door, the chink of ice in a glass, the sizzle of the bbq, the flap of kite tails and washing, more giggles, the gasp at the first touch of the icy ocean, the whine of a mozzie, the gentle rolling of the ocean at night.




We're back now.
I'm washing and shaking the sand out of everything. 
We're reconnecting, busying ourselves, heading back to work, getting ready for school.
The photos feel like memories already (golden memories).
We feel blessed.