Tuesday, March 31, 2015

~ taking stock March ~

Making : baskets and little Easter parcels for some snail mail friends
Cooking : carrot and chickpea soup (we both bought carrots this weekend and not much else)
Drinking : water mostly
Reading: Fete magazine - my ig friend Sarah is featured this month
Wanting: some time in the garden - there are so many jobs to do
Looking:  at bulb catalogues (before its too late)
Playing: Taylor Swift (guilty pleasure)
Deciding: whether to keep my gym membership or not - they've moved my favourite classes to unfriendly (to me) times
Wishing: my baby nephew lived closer
Enjoying: the cooler mornings and the lovely afternoons
Waiting: for the leaves to change colour
Liking:  the beautiful pears we found at the market this week
Wondering: what I should make for lunch this Friday
Loving: being part of a book club again - its so good
Pondering: whether I can fit hockey (for me) into our crammed schedule
Considering: booking a weekend conference in May
Buying: stripey tops - I've got a problem!
Watching: Offspring box series and laughing out loud Hoping: for some nice weather during the school holidays
Marvelling: at how quickly Jack learned to tie his shoe laces this week
Cringing: at our treatment of refugees
Needing: a new heat pack for winter - mine's a bit stinky
Questioning: the obsession with extreme diets
Smelling: handcream  - I've always got a tube nearby
Wearing: trackies and a stripy top
Following: this lovely blog (long term fan)
Noticing: that Nicky Gemmell seems to be sharing my brain most weekends when she writes her column
Knowing: I need to write a condolence letter to a friend but am finding it hard to find the right words
Thinking: about Tim Winton's piece in the SMH about refugees
Admiring: strong, engaged and passionate women
Sorting: out a new cupboard or drawer every week - I'm on a mission to declutter (a little bit anyway)
Getting: anxious in the middle of the night for no good reason
Bookmarking: these Easter printables for my snail mail
Coveting: a new winter coat
Disliking: rude manners in the school car-park
Opening: little boxes of mini-eggs when no one is looking
Giggling: at the dancing to Taylor Swift that goes on here in the mornings
Feeling: like I need a massage
Snacking: granny smith apples dipped in peanut butter
Wishing: my husband would stop snoring
Helping: set up a recycling collection box for coffee pods at school
Hearing: the quiet of the house at night

I'm joining in with Pip in taking stock once a month - I'm liking the idea of her new weekly photo wrap up as well.

Sunday, March 22, 2015

~ around here lately ~

I've already posted a picture of these on my joyful post last week but I loved this one too  - and it shows the last time I got to use my dotty sugar bowl as I dropped it this week and smashed the lid - I'm so sad!

He just can't get enough of reading at the moment - he fits right in around here.

Pompom dahlias from our neighbour's garden (she lets me help myself...I pay her back with dessert every so often) and eggs in the new $6 easter basket from Woolies that I brought home this week (now housing all my washi tape).

He taught himself how to fold paper planes from this kit this week.  And over the weekend he's made and flown at least 40 of them.  They're like the tennis balls and mostly end up on the roof or over the neighbour's fence - lucky we get along well with them.

Really happy with how this one turned out - the orange nylon was a bit thick but I loved the colours together - I'm onto the next one already - so obsessed.

This is an installation out at MONA at the moment - Amarna by James Turrell.  It was magical to sit on the (heated!) concrete benches at sunset and watch the colours change.

 I made a little nest for my mini-eggs (which I cannot resist buying - especially in those little boxes).

 Little pieces of me on the bookcase - spoons, washi tape, flowers, nature in the home and some camera love.

Gracie made a hot air balloon for a school project - one of my little baskets fitted in perfectly.

Monday, March 16, 2015

~ our joyful moments - weeks 10/11 ~


The kitchen and food are certainly dominating our "mornings" themed shots.

Week 10 saw us making lots of watermelon juice - with a hint of mint its a great way to start the day.
Karin was enjoying the morning light in her kitchen and looking forward to those magnolias being in flower

Week 11 and we both chose weekend breakfast shots to share.  Lily often makes us pancakes on a Sunday morning - and with fresh blueberries from the Huon they are hard to resist.
Karin loves her waffles (so pretty) with organic strawberries.

#ourjoyfulmoments2015 is a weekly photography project - Karin and I share our photos here and on IG.

What's your favourite weekend breakfast?

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

~ ten on ten - March 2015 ~

7.02 am - my new favourite breakfast

8.16am - Peacock Jetty - too beautiful to ignore

8.27am - time for coffee on the way to work

8.29 am - coffee love

8.56 am  through the car park to my rooms

1.45pm - on the way to the washing line

2.52pm - when your shoes match the fallen twig

3.40 pm - journalling and afternoon tea

3.41 pm - the actual tea


4.45 pm - maths homework and messy plaits

5.38pm - last minute snail mailing for the day

6.06 pm - dinner prep and window gazing

6.22pm - a new to us dinner option - thumbs up all round

Three months in a row - I'm very impressed with myself

I love the ability of this project to elevate the ordinary, the everyday to something more.

Even if I'm the only one who sees the "more"

Saturday, March 7, 2015

~ ourjoyful moments - week 9/52 ~

Morning tea preparations at our house with a tablecloth, the fancy china and my new roses.  We had such a fun day hosting people.

Karin made chia pudding which I've never tried - but I will soon.

March's theme is mornings and we'll be sharing what they look like here and on IG.

What was your morning like today?

Sunday, March 1, 2015

~ snippets as February ends ~

1. and 2.  Yesterday I did a basket making workshop with Ruth Woods as part of the Launchpad workshops here in Hobart - so much fun.  The top photo is the basket I made yesterday (with quite a few helpful tips and instructions) and the next one is the one I made last night on the couch... I think I've caught the bug.

3.  Can't live without it!  Love the colours in this shot at Machine Cafe (an old favourite that I rarely get back to these days).

4.  It feels like we haven't had nearly enough clear, bright, sunny days this year - so many grey days that make it feel more like England than home.  This was earlier in the week  - cloud gazing and soaking up the vitamin D

5.  Blackberry and lemon muffins (I am a little obsessed at the moment) - this was my made up combination - yum!

6.  Jack's teddy from school this week.  Already his class have done more art than they did all of last year ..I'm loving these teachers a lot.

7.  Snail mail in - it was a month of love letters in our collective this month

8.  The last of cecile for the season I think

9.  The view from my carpark  - I walk past the marina to work - this week I had such a short week as I was called to school to pick up a sick child (luckily not too sick).  Such a disruption to my day and all my patients but what to do??

Hope your week was fabulous.
Are you looking forward to autumn?