Monday, April 30, 2012

~ Photo a Day (April) ~

Still really enjoying the photo a day challenge on instagram.
I love seeing other people's shots let me know if you're on IG
I'm seriously thinking this could become a 366 project.


Friday, April 27, 2012

~ grateful for ... the biscuits~

We didn't march or attend a dawn service
We did talk about war, peace, service, gratefulness, remembering, giving thanks, history and biscuits.
Mostly, it has to be said, about the biscuits. 
We made pancakes, french toast and ... biscuits (of the anzac variety) at breakfast time.
There was a long bike ride with not too much complaining up the hills (there may or may not have been biscuit rewards at the top of those hills).
There was lots of reading in front of the fire.
With more bikkies and cups of tea.
Dinner with our friends-who-are-family.
Exam practice sessions with some junior doctors who are hoping to be GPs one day
And then a hot drink and a biscuit before bed.

It was a lovely day
We were all very grateful for the biscuits. 

And ... for being here in this country, in this time of peace and having the opportunity to remember and be grateful.

Monday, April 23, 2012

~ not quite what I had in mind ~

She's always danced.
Just about before she walked.
Always swaying, jigging, moving to a beat often only she can hear.
Ballet and gym only partially fulfill the need.

So its no wonder that the focus of our Sunday nights has become "Dancing with the Stars".
(its a negotiation worthy of the UN to see how many dances she sees before bedtime).

She seemed slightly disappointed this week.
Not because she missed her favourite.
Not because she had to (finally) go to bed.
"None of the girls did that rip-their-dress-off thing...I like it when they strip"



Does your family watch TV together?
What are your favourite shows?

Friday, April 20, 2012

~ this morning ~

Suddenly wide awake.
(a noise? a dream?)
The thoughts start up; the list of chores for the day, the not-to-forget things, the conversations I'd have if only I was brave enough, the wish-lists, the plans, the projects, the things to remember to tell the Doc when he comes home.  
Then they're racing.  Round and round and round...
Demanding attention. Spinning around. Making me anxious.  Extinguishing all hope of more sleep.

And then...
Little footsteps.
A drowsy body snuggled into mine.
Warm breath on my shoulder.

My thoughts slow.
My body stills.
And my heart feels the peace of knowing love, knowing that all is ok.

Do you get anxious?  How do you deal with it?

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Sunday, April 15, 2012

~ Birchs Bay Sculpture Trail ~

This weekend marked our annual pilgrimage south to Birch's Bay for the sculpture trail walk.
It was a gorgeous day...too good to waste on jobs at home...and we thought it would be a great finish to the Easter school holiday week.
As usual, there were a number of sculptures scattered along a 1.5 km trail through farm and bush.  
This year is the first that the Doc hasn't had to carry someone in the backpack. Yay for growing kids.

We did, however, have pockets full of jelly snakes to coax tired legs up the hills. There were also ground level ceramic arrows and rusted iron arrows on poles marking the trail which kept it super-excititng for the 3yo as he raced ahead to find the way.


Each year there are about 20 new sculptures whilst some of the ones from previous years have been obtained and are permanently on the trail.  This year I really loved the metal wildflowers, the wooden phalanges and the "found" buoys painted in rainbow hues.  Lil and Jack voted for the blue berry tree, David loved the stork and Gracie wouldn't choose a favourite...she wants to go again next weekend to really make sure she is choosing the right one.


We finished off with coffee, beer, salted caramel (yum!) and huge scones with pots of fresh raspberry jam and cream at Peppermint Bay.  Other people have told me that the Fleurty's cafe on site does a good coffee but they were really rude to our kids a couple of years ago and I just can't let go of the grudge.

If you're in Tassie in the next few months I highly recommend this as a short day trip.
And let me know if you're brave enough to try Fleurtys.


Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Saturday, April 7, 2012

~ grateful for ... our family Easter time ~

gorgeous and easy choc/noodle nests (with mini-eggs!)

I've always loved Easter.

As a child, I remember trips up north to our friends farm near Stanley.
We would hunt for thistles, round up cows, drink amazing iced chocolates and play endless games of 500 and scrabble.  There was always a complex jigsaw on the go, the Nut to climb and mountains of delicious food.

I want my children to grow up with that same sense of it being family time, time to indulge and enjoy, time to relax and unwind, time to see old friends.

We made Emma's nests yesterday for old friends from Melbourne and we've constructed amazing Lego creations today.  We've baked and cooked and tonight we had a lovely, loud dinner with family.

I'm grateful for this time to enjoy my family, to indulge our love of chocolate and to keep making those special memories.

However and whatever you celebrate at this time may it be joyful.

(linking with Maxabella for all kinds of gratefuls)

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

~ snapshots of March - the IG version ~

March via photo a day on Instagram
(minus a day because I couldn't make 31 photos fit into a mosaic)
2 months in and I'm already thinking that a photo a day for a year is within the realms of possiblity.
My DSLR is feeling very neglected though.

Do you use a camera other than your phone anymore?

Sunday, April 1, 2012

~ garden mood board for March ~

There's not much happening in our garden at the moment.
A few last tomatoes, some straggly lemons, giant grapefruit we keep forgetting about.
We do have some carrots coming if the kids don't get them first.
Luckily there are little pockets of flowers to cheer me through these greyer days.

I'm joining Karin to share a monthly mood board.

How does your garden grow at the moment?