Sunday, April 1, 2012

~ garden mood board for March ~

There's not much happening in our garden at the moment.
A few last tomatoes, some straggly lemons, giant grapefruit we keep forgetting about.
We do have some carrots coming if the kids don't get them first.
Luckily there are little pockets of flowers to cheer me through these greyer days.

I'm joining Karin to share a monthly mood board.

How does your garden grow at the moment? 


  1. What a happy selection of sweet flowers, they would make me smile on those dull days. In our garden there is some lettuce growing, spinach, beetroot and broccoli, so far so good but not so many pretty flowers. Have a wonderful week Ally. xx

    P.S. I'm glad the cake was a winner:)

  2. Oh Ally, that's so pretty! The only thing we have going at the moment is a basil plant we bought last week ... and I accidentally squashed half of it when closing the blind this evening because I forgot that D put it on the windowsill to get some sunshine :p

  3. Beautiful flowers, what a lovely idea.

  4. Lovely Ally! You have such a sweet selection of flowers in your garden. Here we had soooo much rain lately, that I have avoided doing too much in the garden, we are now getting some dryer weather so time to get back to some gardening :) xx

  5. That's gorgeous! I wish our garden danced with all those pretty petals! One day... :) xx

  6. Ally, that is just such a pretty picture. I love objects removed from their usual surroundings and added on their own merit like this. Your board looks like Spring to me, rather than Autumn. Flowers are funny like that. Our garden has never been quite so in bloom. I am weirdly trying to change the garden so that each season it is a different colour, reflective of the season. So whites and reds in winter, colourful in Spring, oranges and yellows and reds in Autumn and I'm thinking purples and blues in Summer. x


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