Sunday, September 30, 2012

~ mailbag ~

I've spent my free time this weekend finishing off my envelopes/letters for the latest round of the elevated envelope hosted by Tara at her lovely blog.  This one had the theme of "malicious surprise"  - my version of this was included inside the envelopes. I hope none of the girls on my list are arachnophobic (eek!)

The last of the "sweet" themed envelopes arrived just recently too - I've been trying to master the piano piece but my skills are very rusty

{these clear protective envelopes are such a great idea...has anyone seen them here?}

I was super lucky to receive this gorgeous piece of mail recently from a fellow Tassie blogger.  I sent Sarah one of the fairy biscuit envelopes from the last exchange... and just look what came my way. 
I just love it!

{so pretty - and with extras - perfect mail}

I'm still enjoying post crossing although I'm not really sure why; yes, I love getting the thrill of mail and there's also the curiosity about who the person is who sent the card and why they chose that particular card.  I find it fascinating what people chose to say on a post card - its not a big space to write but some people manage to cram in fascinating bits of information.  And some just write "hi" and "happy post crossing" which is a bit of a downer; makes me wonder why they bother with it

{cards in}

{cards out}

{birthday mail...the best kind of mail}

I started this year wanting to send more mail; to nuture friendships, to consider the words I was using to communicate with people, to send a little joy.  Its happening and the huge bonus is the lovely mail I'm getting in return.

Here's hoping  your post man brings something nice this week.


Thursday, September 27, 2012

~ a feast for the eyes {and the tummy} ~

I found this fabulous recipe whilst lost in cyber space some time this week.
Even if eggplants and feta weren't up there in my favourite foods I'd want to cook this just because the recipe is so pretty.  
Imagine a whole cook-book full of these... cooking would instantly become more enjoyable.

from this beautiful blog

I may have "accidentally" left it casually lying on the bench on Tuesday night as I went to do the whole gym drop-off/pick-up for the girls and a friend.  
{and amazingly all the ingredients were in the fridge too}

When we all got home delicious meatballs awaited us.
{Jack had refused and had back-up bolognaise AGAIN...stubborn 3yos....grrrr!}
We didn't mind...all the more for us.

I love finding new recipes that we can enjoy together.
I love it even more when the Doc cooks them.

Have you found a fabulous new recipe lately?  Please share...I'm always looking for inspiration.



Wednesday, September 26, 2012

~ snap it ... three ~

{holiday rainbow toes are becoming a family tradition}

{they have fun together...that makes my heart sing}

{still happy to pile in the bath together...I love that}

{first day back term 3}

My 3.
Who carry my heart (so unknowingly, so fearlessly, so joyfully) with them where ever they go.

Playing along at faith, hope and a whole lotta love with weekly snap-it themes.

Monday, September 24, 2012

~ weekend wrap (and some amazing anemones) ~

And just like that, two weeks of holidays are over and we're getting back into the swing of packing lunches, running around to after school sports and forgetting which day is banking/library/sports day.

We've had sleepovers, movie nights, park days, bike days and a short holiday with the cousins. 
Lots of board games, totem tennis and crafting.  
I really enjoy the holidays and having everyone home but I do like to restore order when its all over. 
I always feel a little bit grateful at the end of the holidays that I don't homeschool and I get to send them off again.

{Still...its not too long til I have them all to myself again....we're lucky enough to be heading to Fiji in about 6 weeks. So even though its icy cold and we're lighting the fire every night there is some warmth at the end of the tunnel}

The sun peeked out long enough over the weekend to let some of the anenomes we planted around the roses finally show their faces.  Such lovely, bright colours - very welcome when the skies are so grey.

This week's all about re-establishing routines, restocking the pantry with regular foods (we go a bit silly in the holidays) and some of my stuff (boring stuff like paid work - we start the final round of school immunisations this week - lots of jabbing and hysterical teens).

What's your week looking like?

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

~ snap it ... colourful ~

I sort of jumped the gun a bit with lots of bright colourful shots on last week's post 

It's so not a problem kids, like so many others, are addicted to colour.
Gracie, in particular, has spent much of her life wanting to be a rainbow.

We've had the beads out a lot this holidays....many hours of fun.  Loads of colour.


I'm playing along with the snap-it theme here.


Monday, September 17, 2012

~ a weekend in the country ~

We got sick of all the coughing and not sleeping and decided to share it round a little.
Specifically, with the in-laws, who not only cannot say no, but are guaranteed to offer a little sympathy, a home cooked meal and a sleep-in.  Winning all round.

So we packed the bags, chose the DVDs {the best solution to long (ish) car trip ennui ever} and headed north for a few days. 
North to the green rolling hills, red earth and amazing gardens. 
North to family
North for a break.

Some time in my mother-in-laws amazing garden (she opens it as part of the Open Garden Scheme sometimes to lucky visitors).


Some time with the animals... our resting trotter, the chickens, the calves, the lambs.
Lots of time with the cousins (who we never see enough of).
Lots of muddy gumboot time, of running round the garden time.

Some fabulous new discoveries (a gorgeous gift shop in Penguin,  fabulous coffee in Ulverstone and a great home wares shop in Devonport).

Two sleep ins!!!

A fabulous birthday dinner with friends we don't see often enough either.

The temptation to embrace the bucolic country life-style is always there after weekends like this.  In perfect conditions the dream of our own little farm is seductive.  I see myself with chickens, growing all my own vegies, being closer to the land...  I forget my aversion to birds, the smell of manure and the hard, hard work that comes with being self sufficient.

We're the lucky ones.  We can have the best of it and then come back home to all that is good here too.  And I love being home (despite the coughs!)

How was your weekend?
Do you dream of a sea- or tree-change?

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

~ snap it ... bright ~

Sitting here wishing my wardrobe was as bright and fun as theirs
(and that the spring sunshine would reappear)

Linking up with Sarah for snap-it (bright) this week.


Saturday, September 8, 2012

~ grateful for ... the end of the winter term ~

Its been a long, long winter term.
All 3 children have had whooping cough - the cough, cough, cough, splutter has been an almost constant companion through the chilly days and nights. (Yes - all fully vaccinated!!)
(Oh, the nights.  I think there was a coughing, wriggling, hot and bothered child in our bed every night for the last month).

We need this 2 week break.
To rest and recuperate.
To soak up some sunshine (hopefully).
To get back on track.

We're not doing anything much - some playdates with friends, a trip to see Nemo in 3D (although I'm a little bit scared of seeing Bruce like that), a visit with the cousins and their baby lambs.

These holidays have come at just the right time.
And I'm very grateful for them.

Linking up to share grateful thoughts here 

Will you be too scared to see Bruce in 3D?
When are your next holidays?

Friday, September 7, 2012

~ beautiful blossoms ~

I simply love this time of the year when the streets are lined with marshmallow coloured blossom and magnolia trees. 

The skies lighten, the air warms and the mood lifts.

Happy weekend everyone