Tuesday, June 30, 2015

~ taking stock - June 2015 ~

Making : raspberry and white chocolate muffins for school lunch boxes
Cooking : hoisin and sesame chicken for dinner tonight - its a family fave
Drinking : heaps of water
Reading: Jo Nesbo for the thrills and re-reading "a constellation of vital phenomena" because I loved it so much last year
Wanting: a status anxiety purse
Looking: for pairs for the odd gloves I dug out of the winter basket on the weekend
Playing: old maid in front of the fire with the kids and scrabble on line
Deciding: that I don't need a muffin before bed tonight (or do I?)
Wishing: I had more willpower
Enjoying: Game of Thrones (we've just finished watching it and need a new series now)
Waiting: For George R R Martin to finish writing the next book in the series
Liking: taking the kids on some bushwalks in the last month
Wondering: where my basket making needle has got to (I cannot find it anywhere)
Loving: soups for lunch
Pondering: how to improve my parenting skills to cope with my tween girls and their moods
Considering: printing up some cards and selling them in a local boutique
Buying: this cool pillowcase for Jack's bed
Watching: Masterchef with the kids
Hoping: for snow at Cradle Mountain in the holidays
Marvelling: at the beautiful lilies my brother sent me today
Cringing: at the overreaction to the Q&A show
Needing: lots of cuddles
Questioning: where Australia is heading
Smelling: the lemony hand cream I rubbed in before
Wearing: my evening uniform - trackie and ugg boots
Following: the lunch lady for school holiday recipe ideas
Noticing: subtle signs of spring in the garden
Knowing: that not being too busy is really good for me
Thinking: about a cup of tea before bed
Admiring: people with lovely manners
Sorting: out stuff for my tax
Getting: frustrated with myself for not being more organised
Bookmarking: activity ideas for the holidays
Coveting: a new coffee table
Disliking: the empty house across the road (my neighbour is in hospital and won't be coming home)
Opening: a parcel that arrived from Lark today - I'd forgotten what I ordered
Giggling: at the funny things Jack says
Feeling: achy in the chest from weights class this morning
Snacking: less than I used to (yay)
Helping: my mum because she can't drive at the moment
Hearing: the thump of tennis balls - the Doc is watching Wimbledon


Friday, June 26, 2015

~ our joyful moments 2015 - weeks 22-25 ~

I'm managing to journal every day (in my 365 diary and doing the life:captured promtpts).  I'm writing post cards most days.  I post on IG (mini blogging) at least once a day ... no wonder I'm struggling to find time to compose/compile real blog posts.

Karin and I chose books as our theme for June - lovely subject matter.

The top photo was my current (that week) reading pile in the bedroom.  I really love Kate Atkinson's turn of phrase.

Next was a flat-lay vignette style shot of my favourite book from last year that I'm currently re-reading  (its fabulous but devastating).

My next shot was my grandmother's recipe book - we were searching for her coconut and raspberry slice recipe.  Its such a lovely keepsake to have - splattered with butter, annotated in parts, little notes stuck in).

This week I found these lovely versions of some of my childhood favourite reads - they're such lovely editions.  I remember reading and acting out bits of the Secret Garden over and over again with a friend.  The water colour is by Meredith Gaston - check her out here.

What are you reading? I'd love to know.

Saturday, June 13, 2015

~ 10 on 10 - June 2015 ~

These are my photos for 10 on 10 this month (I did actually take them on the day and published a steller story that day but this is the first moment I've sat down at the big computer (oh I wish I could blog easily and well from the ipad).

I had a horrible head cold and stayed home from work as I thought I'd be sicker than most (if not, all) of my patients.  My shots are from round the house, doing the school and physio run that day.

It's definitely wintery but autumn is lingering in places (and that blossom is surely too early)

Here are my other 10 on 10s from this year.

Are you feeling the winter chill yet?

Monday, June 8, 2015

~ the view from here ~

kunanyi (Mt Wellington) as seen from our back deck last month.

This is the view that greets me each morning from our kitchen.  

It grounds me (and takes my breath away)

A familiar (and friendly) presence watching over us, our most reliable weather predictor, the beauty of our every day.

Thursday, June 4, 2015

~ our joyful moments - week 20/21 ~

Two shots from my bedroom for weeks 20 and 21 of #ourjoyfulmoments2015 - the first is a little table in the window that is currently housing my vintage typewriter - I was sitting writing some little random postcards here the other day - my Mother's Day hyacinth was still looking good.

The second (pink) shot is my bedside table - I found a few more Cecile Brunner roses in the tangle that is our winter garden and brought them inside - they are my very favourites.

The last collage is of Karin's shots for the whole month of our on the table theme - can you guess she's loving spring?!!!

June's theme is books - another favourite thing - can't wait to show you what I'm reading and loving.