Sunday, May 26, 2013

~ sunday snippets ~

1.  Those curls slay me.  He is totally rocking the surfer dude look and resisting a haircut.  I am not arguing.

2.  There may be no birthdays scheduled until Oct/Nov in our house but that does not preclude avid and regular perusal of the AWW birthday cake book.

3.  Little hands cradling a very wonky rainbow felt heart I made for her to take on her first ever camp tomorrow.  She is beyond excited (but happy to have some love from home to take too).

4.  Chubby toes made pretty with polish. The girls had green polish for the cross country celebrations this week - his effort was more low key but he definitely has his own style.

5.  This week's real mail on the wall - a card from my mum as she train travels across the states, a lovely picture of the twins who are now home and happy at the hut, and a card from the Monet exhibition from some lucky friends (I really want to get to Melbourne to see that before September).

6.  A real fairy toadstool.

7.  Nigella's choc pavlova makes another appearance as my brother visits for afternoon tea.

8.  Web magic in the garden.

I'm joining in with tinniegirl and Em to share some of the everyday and the loveliness from around here this week.

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

~ the one with the brussel sprouts ~

This week we got our first (of many, I'm sure) fresh veggie boxes from Hilbarn.

They gather fresh, seasonal products from Tasmanian farmers, pack it all up and deliver it (weekly or fortnightly) to various locations around the state.
I've been umm-ing and ahh-ing about this for ages - load of people seemed to be happily on board but I was a bit unsure about being stuck with ingredients I'd never use and could see myself guiltily feeding them to our worms.
Then, yet another friend raved about her box of goodies on fb last week and I took the plunge.

Total worst case scenario...our box came with brussel sprouts.

I don't think I'm a picky eater...but brussel sprouts...
I loathe them.
My mother forced us to eat them.  Far too often. 
They were bitter and yucky and just the smell of them made me feel like puking.
(and then we went to the UK and they treated them like the gods of the vegetable kingdom.  I initially thought it was some practical joke but when people fought for my discards...well, I was only too happy to offload them)

So last night the Doc cooked them.
Lightly steamed.
A hint of butter.
And in the spirit of "do as I do, not as I say" (I'm always nagging the kids to just try something new) I nibbled the edge of mine ... and then found myself eating the lot. And 2 out of 3 kids did too.

Verdict... I'm not a sprout convert... but....  I can think of worse (the grey wrinkled broad beans of my youth, lambs fry, any offal product...)

I'm planning veggie soup, roquette and tuna pasta and a fresh radish salad this week.
The carrots, pears and apples are already gone.

We'll definitely be signing up for more deliveries... one less stop on my weekly (it's really daily but I like to pretend I'm organised enough to go weekly) shop makes me a happy girl.  And one who will have to branch out and try new things.  That can only be good... right?

Are there any foods you hate?
Are you bravely trying any new recipes this week?  Please share.

Sunday, May 19, 2013

~ snippets ~


1.  Lots of leaf throwing on the kinder excursion to the Botanical Gardens this week.  I love how this one turned out.
2.  A very organised 4 year old lives here apparently.  You wouldn't know it from the state of his bedroom.
3.  Nutmeg, our very fat tabby cat coordinating beautifully with the green background
4.  On the sculpture trail at Birchs Bay - I submitted this photo into a competition they were running this year and look...
5.  It made it into the exhibition along the trail. Yay!!
6.  It's been a very mild start to autumn - here's the gang still wearing shorts at Salamanca this week.
7.  This happened this week.  Oldest reading to youngest so I could make the lunches and have a shower in the morning chaos.
8.  New fingerless gloves for everyone (these are Lil's) from the flower room.  Gorgeous colours, snuggly alpaca yarn and all of $8-$9 each!!
9.   A very confused ranuncula who appeared a good 3-4 months early this week.  
10.  More beautiful autumn colour - I really fall in love with leaves at this time of the year.
11.  The view from the cafe at Peppermint Bay today...after our walk along the sculpture trail we had coffees, fat chips and the best aioli.

I'm joining in with  the lovely Em to share some bits of our week.
Enjoy your week.

Thursday, May 16, 2013

~ orphaned postcards ~

This post's for the snail-mail lovers out there.

I've just sent these seemingly random postcards off to the postmuse in the states as part of her orphaned postcard project.  The gist of the project is that postmuse has hundreds of blank postcards listed on her website that you can choose from - she sends them to you in an envelope and then you send them back with a stamp and a message.  She then blogs about them as they arrive (well, somewhat belatedly).

I chose these three as I had a story to tell about each of them - my grandmother used to read Orlando to us and she also had an enormous ginger cat that we thought was Orlando.  I have a great anecdote about being chased by a bull on the Isle of Skye (with David running faster from it than me - oh brave boyfriend that he was) and my aunt lives on the circus in Bath - in a similarly grand house as one of these.

I know that writing to strangers is not for everyone but this is a sweet project to be part of (and as there aren't many other mail projects going at the moment this was perfect for me this month).

What's your current project?
I'm hoping the sewing bug hits again soon so I can get back to my patchwork quilt project ... its been way too long between hexagons.

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

~ lists about biscuits and things... ~


A catch-up pictorial list of lists!
I remember to post these on instagram but then forget to update them here.
I think we're up to week #18 - and I'm really enjoying this #52 lists project - thanks Pip!

What are your favourite biscuits?
Do you still have your swap cards??

(ps - I did add another thing to my warm my heart list before I stuck it in my journal - witnessing a birth - I've been lucky enough to have been present at many births as part of my medical training  - I think I've cried at every single one)

Sunday, May 12, 2013

~ this week ~

1.  We made these garlands on Mother's Day a couple of years ago - the first time I'd used a sewing machine in about 20 years (haven't used it since).  Today the light was just perfect to cast rainbow shadows across our walls.

2.  My new wallet, also rainbowy and beautiful lying on the table ready to be filled.  I spilt Thai green chicken curry on the last one and wrecked it  - oh, about a year ago - there's no point rushing these major decisions.

3, 4 and 5.  I chased the light and found some autumn goodness this week.  I love Japanese maples almost more than flowers sometimes.

6.  Lemon slice for the soccer kiosk.  I may have made a second batch so we could enjoy some too.

7.  Nigella's chocolate pavlova with balsalmic strawberries that I made for mother's day lunch today. Usually I serve this with raspberries but they were $9 a punnet!!   I've had a lovely day - hugs, homemade cards and beautiful gifts in bed, home-cooked breakfast, the Mothers Day classic walk, lunch with family and friends and then our first hockey win for the season.  I'm exhausted... off to bed now.

I'm joining in with  the lovely Em to share some bits of our week.
May your week be beautiful.

Friday, May 10, 2013

~ autumn's rainbow ~

The light beckoned me.
Warm, golden sunlight on a beautiful autumn day.
Sparkling, glowing, gorgeous light.
I followed it.
I'm so grateful I did.

{I'm back joining up with Maxabella here  this week to talk about being grateful.  Life is just better when you're grateful for it.  It really is}

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

~ may vignettes ~

{day 1: hanging.  Rainbow brights, whimsy and hearts in my daughter's room}

{day 1: hanging (version2)  - On our colourful hooks in the foyer}

{day 2: labels.  The Scarborough Fair version}

{day 3: timber.  Seeing the wood and the trees}

{day 4: colourful.  Imagining a new corner in our dining area}

{day 5: porcelain/ceramics.  Some favourite pieces on my table}

{day 6: dining.  A seasonal offering}

{day 7: travel.  I'm a traveller (and a collector)}

I've just enjoyed another week playing #7vignettes along with the fabulous IG community that the lovely Jen from the Interiors Addict blog has created with her monthly competition.
Lots of gorgeous, inspiring, fun shots.  
Lots of chat and encouragement. 
So much creative fun.

I didn't go with any over riding theme (or forward planning).  
I got up each day and searched the house for inspiration. 
I think I'll try and be more organised next time - I get a bit frustrated when I can't find what I want/need or the light changes or it just isn't working. 

My favourite day was dining - I think keeping it simple works for me.
I loved colourful too - I want our house to look like this all the time!