Thursday, September 1, 2011

~ a spring resolution ~

I love this time of year. 

I love that it starts to warm up (a little), the garden starts to burgeon and grow and blossom.
My babies are all spring babies and so I am - so there is lots to celebrate in the coming months.
I love the possibilities that open up and the lightness that fills my heart.

None of which explains why this week I joined a gym.  For the first time EVER.
I'm still coming to grips with this.
I've always been a hockey girl, a tennis girl, a swimming or walking girl.
Not into jigging up and down, or set classes or (horrors!) gym gear.

So why??
  • I have 2 very dear friends who have been nagging me, weekly, for months now, to join them at this class, or that class, or on this run, or that run.  They are fit, fun and enthusiastic....they've worn me down.
  • I want to find my waist again - it got lost there amongst all those babies and late night snacks.
  • The Doc joined and I'm nothing if not supportive.
  • They had a super special and I didn't feel like I was going to waste my money.

So here I am, committing to regular exercise for the next two months.
A spring resolution if you like (which makes more sense to me that trying to start in the slothful, gluttonous months of summer).

Anyone else making plans, getting started on new projects?
How about a spring resolution?


  1. Oh you'll love the gym. I hadn't joined a gym until i had my 4th baby & i was still thin after him, breastfeeding was my treadmill, & my 20s!! I was always a 4 sports a year girl plus the athletics team, but Uni i didn't do much sport, too busy with study & my boyfriend/ husband + part time jobs. I do all sorts of different classes at the gym, i've done Yoga for years, always leave feeling zen, i have a treadmill at home & walk the dog endlessly, so don't use that there, love Spin classes, Zumba, Pump, i try Boxing every now & then, but i'm trying to get into the routine of using weights, that whole low weight, high repetition thing. Enjoy, feeling fit is priceless. My husband is paid to stay in shape, lucky bloke, trains for a couple of hours every morning before he starts at his desk, i wish!! No, much rather do the school run then the gym. Desperate to start going at 6a.m. again so anything else i do that day is a bonus. Love Posie

  2. I'm not a gym person at all...I've tried but it just doesn't appeal to me. Good on you for giving it a go! I know so many of my friends love it (they've given up on persuading me!) I used to play hockey for years but now the only exercise I get is walking...and chasing my monsters!

  3. I love going to the gym because, in my mind I make the shift when I get there...this is now MY time and I get into MY zone...The treadmill was great to get me to start running and The classes are fun but truly loved my Yoga class the most (shame I had to move and change gym and now I miss my Yoga teacher!) Enjoy and have fun!
    Hmmm a spring resolution??Will have to think now...:)So many things I would like to do :)
    Have a great weekend x
    PS: yes it is a Kikki K goodness, another fan here ?:)

  4. I love Spring it's my favourite time of year, not too cold and not too hot, It's got some nice memories for us too one baby and one wedding anniversary for us:) Have fun at the gym, I tried last year but without anyone to go with it just got too hard so I never went back but it's a great idea to go and get yourself so good on you. I like the idea of a Spring resolution but what to do??? Have a great weekend Ally:)

  5. Gym is great! Are you into music? I used to love my ipod at gym when I used to go...classical music for weights and relaxing stretching at the end. Complete opposite for running/bike - techno! Once I forgot my ipod and they were playing really twangy country music in the gym - I found I couldn't run as far and couldn't lift as much weight. Music made all the difference to my motivation! Fascinating really.

    I absolutely have a Spring resolution and was planning a special post about it this weekend. Lovely! Stay tuned. Chris x

  6. How is the gym going?? Love Posie

  7. Yet another sign that I should rekindle that gym relationship thing. (You mentioned a waist rediscovery).


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