Saturday, September 17, 2011

~ grateful parents ~

I like the idea of practising gratefulness.
I love that the fabulous Maxabella encourages this every week.
I've read lots and now its time to join in.  
Read some more grateful posts here at Mira Narnie.

This week I'm grateful for my parents.  Of course I'm grateful to them all the time and I'm so glad we moved back home to Tassie  and we get the chance to see them more often and for my children to know them as they grow.

But this week in particular I'm especially grateful;
To my dad for the flowers and the amazing home made bread.

{my beautiful lunch }

And to my mum who took the girls all day today so I could stay home with the small vomiting one,  tend to his needs and fall asleep with him on the couch in front of "ABforkids" (I am also, endlessly, grateful for ABC kids and the extended format).


  1. Happy Birthday for yesterday young lady! That's a lovely feel young just go for it. I "do" too.
    That is great to hear that moving back to Tassie is helpful with Mum and Dad being close by. In the end, it's family who can care & connect like none other..IMHO!
    Loved reading your posts too.

  2. Welcome! I am always thrilled when a 'long time listener' becomes a 'first time caller'!!

    My dad went through a breadmaking phase. There is something somehow extra special about a loaf baked just for you by your dad. Bless! x

  3. Simply beautifully captured shot...lovely!

  4. What a sweet father you have baking you bread and bring you flowers:) And an equally sweet mother looking after your girls, it's so nice to have supportive family close by to help out. I hope your little one is feeling better today. x


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