Monday, September 19, 2011

~ one of those days ~

I sat down to write tonight full of the gripes.
To tell of all the little things that went wrong today - of the spilt milk (but we remembered to say "there's no use crying over it"), the ruined jigsaw, the endless whine of the-not-quite-sick-but-not-well 2yo, the spilt cream  all over my new shoes(the "no use crying over it" line came out again but through gritted teeth), the tissue in the was truly one of those days.

And then the Doc came home halfway through my little rant and as I reheated his dinner (and broke to him the news of his jigsaw) I very wifely asked about his day - the telling of the diagnosis of cancer to a bloke our age certainly added some perspective to my day.
And so here is the other version of our day. 

The one when I put on my new shoes and felt happy cos they were the perfect shade of corally watermelon. 

{they came out ok after a wash}

Where a little gift arrived in the post and put a smile on my face.

{thanks Helen}

{pretty lanterns inside the package}

The one where we walked to the park and played and I got to grab coffee on the way. 

{my fix}

The one where little hands picked a small bouquet.

{pretties from our garden}

Where we ended up healthy and happy and I was reminded of gratefulness all over again.
One of those days.


  1. Oh no what a blah day but it sounds like with a change of focus the day wasn't so bad after all. I do hope that tomorrow the sun is shining and there's no spilt milk and a little person feeling better in the morning. Take care. x

  2. My Dad was a GP. He said once that every Christmas he always had to tell someone they had cancer. I think of that now and then too and it slams life back into perspective. Our days are full of all the good things, it's curious that so often more weight is given to the less than good. I takes effort and discipline to appreciate all the good. I'll think of this post next time the whining gets too much or another blueberry smoothie is spilt on the brand new dress.


  3. a day with ups and downs... ending with some wonderful ups, ups, ups and ups... ahhh, life!!!

  4. yes - life!
    thank you all for taking the time to comment


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