Saturday, November 26, 2011

~ grateful water restrictions ~

It's been a gorgeous week here - loads of sunshine, some time off, happy children.
We've had lovely outdoor dinners on the deck, friends visiting, family arriving this weekend.

Yesterday we hauled out the old sprinklers and the children had the most wonderful time running, screaming, dancing ... uninhibited joy.

It's one of my most enduring memories of summers as a child - the green caterpiller sprinklers snaking across the lawn, those icy poles in plastic tubes from the freezer and nude kids running screaming round the back yard.

I'm so glad we live where the water is plentiful and there are no restrictions.
That the simple pleasures of childhood are still so easy to find.


{Joining with Maxabella this week (and often) to express gratitude for the little things}


  1. So cute! Yes you are right YAY for summer, and thanks goodness no more water restriction here :) xx

  2. We lived with water restrictions for so long I never thought my kids would experience sprinklers and slip n slides but they finally have. what a joy!

    very cute photo too!

  3. YAY for sprinklers and rudey bums and the simple life! Such a great summer shot, Ally.

    I'm not sure what our water restrictions are in Sydney right now. If we are still in drought then someone is having a laugh. It has not. stopped. raining!! x

  4. Oh this is a great photo love it, reminds me of my younger years in Brisbane we use to run around the backyard doing the same thing. Have a great weekend my friend.

    Always Wendy

  5. Such good memories here. I so love all the rain we have been having...blows the drought memories away xx

  6. Oh I loved running through sprinklers and playing with the hose as a child. No water restrictions is definitely something to be grateful for! xx

  7. One of my favourite memories as a child too. The sprinkler on a huge piece of black plastic in the back lawn, along with some detergent. Fun times!

  8. This is so cute Ally, having fun without a care in the world which is the so important for little ones to be able to do. Running through the sprinkler is just the best fun and a memory that your little ones will share with you. xo


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