Sunday, March 9, 2014

~ snippets from our week ~



1.  Our tomato plants are finally producing some tomatoes  - very late and in very scant quantities  - but there is nothing nicer than eating your own tomatoes on toast with lots of salt and pepper.

2.  Supermarket herbs in cute pots in our kitchen - the coriander has quickly bolted to seed but the basil is holding up quite well.

3.  She has taken slightly longer than her sister did to find her reading mojo but to find her like this and hear her declare that she loves reading just fills my heart with joy.

4.  Artist in residence hard at work

5.  A calm corner of our room in the afternoon light.

6.  Nutmeg stealing a cuddle on the bed.

7.  Some gorgeous origrami cards of our beautiful nephew have made it onto the fridge this week - can't wait to see him again in 2 weeks.

8.  Hinsby beach this afternoon - I gazed at clouds while they explored the rocks and (gasp!) swam - is that the last swim of the summer?


I'm linking up with Emily at the Beetleshack where there are lots of lovely snippets and stills to see x 


  1. Your beautiful life, Ally. I love that you share. x

  2. Lovely weekly stills, the window sill display is beautiful xo

  3. I hope my Sunny becomes a lover of books! I find it so sad that kids don't explore books like we used to back in the stone ages - Yes I'm sounding old :) Lovely week to you Ally.

    Sophie xo

    P.S. I totally agree that homegrown tomatoes are the bomb!

  4. No, I'm sure there'll be at least one more swim :)
    Great photos. Wishing you a lovely week.

  5. Loving these - especially the tomatoes, your calm corner and Nutmeg! xx


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