Sunday, March 30, 2014

~ snippets at the end of March ~

1.  Magical evening light in our garden

2.  It rained this week!  We haven't been as dry as everywhere else but this was very welcome - espeically for the garden.

3.  Test shot #1 with the new camera - our back yard - we've been pruning the raspberries and roses and generally getting it tidy so it can self-care while we're away.

4.  Nutmeg - on the grass before the rain  - hopefully it will all green up again soon.

5.  We were a little late to the looming craze (or glooming as Jack insists on calling it) - but now all 3 have embraced it with passion.  I love how all the kids at school (boys and girls) are equally into it.

6.  Anzacs - they never last long around here - and I always forget how easy they are to make.  What's your go-to treat recipe?

7.  Test shot #2 - lilac at the local park - I'm impressed with how quickly I'm learning the settings on the Fuji but there's still a long way to go.

8.  Farmer's market roses (which smell divine) on the piano - and those cheeky babies.  Every time I notice these photos I  am transported to those hazy days of babyhood and I smile. Every single time.

I'm linking up with Em this week and every week to share the little moments that make life wonderful


  1. mmm, those anzacs look good :) I guess my Babcia's honey cookies are our go-to recipe, or her shortcrust pastry as biscuits (with jam in them), although we also love trying new recipes.

  2. I love the first photo, it's beautiful. Anzacs are my go to bikkie as well, and they don't last long at our house either! We've just discovered the looming craze too and my oldest is hooked! Have a great week x

  3. That first photo is just stunning - simple daisies - but yes, so magical! The caught rain is also beautiful - we were promised a thunderstorm tonight and I'm very sad it never came! Bring on the rain!

  4. I've never seen one of those looms. Do you mind if I ask what it is and where I'd find one??
    We love Anzacs too...though yours are a lovely light golden colour. I think I nearly always overcook them (me and the oven, we don't really get on so well).

  5. Evening light is my absolute favourite. These stills are beautiful.
    Ronnie xo


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