Sunday, March 2, 2014

~ snippets as autumn arrives ~




Summer is fading away,  the light is softening, the leaves are starting to change.
We grab jumpers as we leave the house.  
Some tomatoes are finally ripening.  
Autumn arrives.

1.  Lily holding a bunch of summer in her hands

2.  Cobwebby loveliness

3.  The Japanese gardens at the Botanical Gardens yesterday - we wandered the gardens for a few hours yesterday with some friends - its always so very calming and beautiful.  Autumn certainly looks as though its arrived in this pic.

4.  Maples - I could photograph them endlessly.

5.  Windflowers in my garden

6.  The tessellated pavements at Eaglehawk neck - we had a day trip down to Port Arthur today - our first visit in 6 years.  I love being a tourist in our own state.  

7.  The separate prison at Port Arthur where they kept the worst of the prisoners in isolation.  They're painted now, clean, sparse, room to think...I was craving some isolation time as I walked around!

8.  Rainbow carrots - how cool do they look? - the kids don't like them though - do yours?

9.  He makes me laugh every day at how he pulls his socks so tight, so high.  He won't wear the 9-12 size any more because his shoes are a size 13 and so he insists on the 13-3 and they are so big and he hates wrinkles in his socks - and so this.

10.  We made Donna Hay's baked lemon cheesecake.  It was good.  Very good.

I'm linking up with Emily at the Beetleshack where there are lots of lovely snippets to see x


  1. Such beautiful photos Ally, it is looking very autumnal. Love the rainbow carrots (we've never tried them), the tessellated pavement is gorgeous & that baked cheesecake looks delicious

  2. All these are so pretty! I'm drooling over the lemon cheese cake - must try! xx

  3. I remember going to the Botanical Gardens when I was little. Thanks to you I think I'll be taking Sunny there for a visit. Just gorgeous. Secretly I'm looking forward to Autumn and all its colours but in saying that those are some beautiful blooms you have there. Love the look of the carrots! I have tried purple ones and liked them. Are they home grown?

    A lovely week to you...
    Sophie xo

  4. The red bridge amongst the green, something calming about that shot. Those numbers looked hauntingly lonely, then I read the description. Ally, you captured the feel of those cells in that shot. Jo ××

  5. gorgeous collection of colours


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