Sunday, March 23, 2014

~ this week's snippets ~

1.  My view as I leave pilates every Tuesday morning - Hobart is so pretty on sparkly autumn days. 4 weeks of pilates now and my core and inner thighs still scream at me after each session!

2.  Star anise braised chicken with pickled ginger and lime - a Belinda Jeffery recipe - so good.

3.  I feel so lucky to have stumbled upon the most kind and generous group of women on IG - #thesnailmailcollective group enriches my life via my letterbox and I love it.

4.  Jack's rendition of Mr Pusskins (from the children's book)  - a very guinea-pig like cat if you ask me.

5.  I was in Melbourne for 2 days for a women's health conference this weekend (flew back in tonight) - we found this very cool cafe in the GPO building in the middle of town.  The conference was good but so intense - 18 speakers with short updates on various topics  - and over 1000 GPs.  I got to cuddle my nephew too - that was the highlight.

6.  Playing with watercolours and favourite quotes this week.

7.  Ballerina cosmos in my garden.

Collecting these little moments from our week is a lovely chance to reflect and remember.

I hope your week is lovely

I'm linking up with Em this week and every week to share the little moments that make life wonderful


  1. Ally your weekly snippets are delightful! Love your watercolour quote and that gorgeous bloom :)

    Sophie xo

  2. All of your photos captivate me. I especially love the last one of the flower. It amazes me how you keep coming up with new ideas ...

  3. I love the vignette in the third shot - so beautiful!
    Ronnie xo

  4. Well you've certainly had a huge week and so varied from pilates to conferences and home cooked meals. Regards Kathy A, Brisbane, Australia

  5. the third vignette was stunning. will need to seek it out on IG oh it looks like its swoon worthy.x

  6. What a glorious cache of captures.
    Viewing them brightened my day - thank you x


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