Wednesday, March 26, 2014

~ taking stock - March 2014 ~

Making : lists and more lists of all that has to be done before we leave on our grand adventure
Cooking : chocolate snowballs - I had a tin (and the recipe) sent to me this week by a very generous IG friend (Ondioco - check her feed - her photos are beautiful)
Drinking : lime and soda (those cute cans from Cascade won me over in the supermarket)
Reading: Swedish thrillers by Lars Kepler
Wanting: the perfect handbag to take on our trip
Looking: at the leaves changing colours on the trees
Playing: mail tag with some of my pen pals - how I love having pen pals again
Deciding: we're trying to decide on our name for our family travel blog - any suggestions gratefully received
Wishing: meal times weren't such a battlefield
Enjoying: playing with my new camera
Waiting: for a library book I ordered to come in
Liking: Pilates classes on Tuesday mornings with a bunch of friends - laughing while you work your core is fabulous fun
Wondering: how I lived without my iphone
Loving: how much Jack is loving learning
Pondering: how much internet time my girls should have
Considering: taking myself off facebook altogether
Watching: the Good Wife - so good
Hoping: the irritation in my right eye will clear up soon
Marvelling: at my children's energy levels - wish mine were that high
Needing: a cup of tea
Smelling: basil from the pot on the window sill - still going strong
Wearing: my gym gear out in public way too often
Noticing: that I'm happier when I'm not so busy
Knowing: I should remember this (above)
Thinking: too many thoughts - especially at 3am
Feeling: stronger - I think the pump/power classes are working
Admiring: kind people
Sorting: out more stuff to give to the salvos
Buying: stuff for the trip - new bras, a spare camera battery, locks for the bags...
Getting: anxious about flying after recent events
Bookmarking: recipes I probably won't cook
Disliking: how dark the evenings are getting
Opening: lovely snail mail
Giggling: at them splashing in the bath together
Feeling: the chill in the mornings
Snacking: nectarines - I think they're coming to their end this year and I want to enjoy every last one
Coveting: a new dinner set - I'm over plain white
Wishing: my brother and his partner and baby lived closer
Helping: out at school whenever I can - I love being involved
Hearing: George's Marvellous Medicine on the ipod as Jack is  trying to fall asleep

Remembering: Samuel - a friend's baby who died before being born 5 years ago this week - the love stone was for his grave.

Taking stock is inspired by Pip


  1. Such a beautiful collection of bits & pieces, I really must give this a go some time :)

  2. I really love this Ally. Beautiful snippets and I nodded along (similar thoughts) to quite a few xx

  3. Just sat down to email you and now it's time for a catch up on your last few posts... I love reading your 'taking stock' lists. I helped at Grace's school today too... canteen help. I bet you have lots on your to do list before you leave for your trip, no wonder you've got thoughts running through your head in the early hours of the morning. Have a lovely weekend xx

  4. I do love these taking stock posts and getting a little peek into what the writer is thinking and feeling. x


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