Saturday, March 8, 2014

~ March vignettes ~


{haft seen - or 7 s}


{something most people don't know about you}




I am completely addicted to the monthly vignette challenge over on IG (run by Jen from Interiors Addict).

This month's words/themes were tricky - and having started with a random piece of material (I have a stash of material that I have no plans for - what's that about?) and some silvery branches I added a secondary challenge of keeping that  going as my background for the week too.  

I think this month I might need to explain the pictures a little more....for women I used a lovely card I had received recently and then referenced the strong, creative, clever, nuturing women in my life.  Haft seen is Persian tradition of setting a table with 7 things beginning with s - this was a loose interpretation!  Harmony was all about music, green tea, meditation.  Something that people didn't know about me was my medical background - although maybe it wasn't as secret as I thought!  For movies I was lucky enough to use the home movies my dad found a couple of weeks ago - I've never seen them - soon hopefully.  Fashion was my interpretation of what I'm posting and seeing most of on my IG stream - feathers, mail, spoons, origrami, flowers... Italian showed biscotti and espresso - two of my very favourite Italian treats!

The silver branchy stuff held up ok - but I still can't find the same light/white each time!  

I found it hard to choose a favourite this time - maybe movies or Italian?  How about you?


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  1. I think Italian might be my fav - they're all lovely though :)


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