Sunday, December 22, 2013

~ twas the week before Christmas ~

1.  Snail mail loveliness from one of my IG friends.  Sue takes beautiful photos and makes gorgeous cards.  I'm so grateful for all the cards etc from my online friends  - they are far more into snail mail than my "real" friends this year.  Do you send cards?

2. Summer arrived this week - we headed down to the beach after school for ice creams and a quick swim.

3.  Lots of hama-bead crafting here this week - we are loving the snowflakes.

4.  Finally on holidays and we did some baking.   Lots of fun.  We might even tackle a ginger bread house next.

5.  Sweet Envy in North Hobart make the best macarons.

6.  Christmas lilies and clean surfaces as we get ready for the big day.

7.  More snail mail lovelies - the angel is so sweet - thanks sweet P

8.  Holiday breakfast this morning - raspberries fresh from the garden and cocopops - the kids are in heaven.  Very grateful for the only crop we are producing at the moment.

School has finally finished, the sun has remembered how to shine (except for today - its freezing) and we are busy getting ready for Christmas and summer holidays. 

All shots on the phone - and insta-grammed  - this week - I've been too busy/lazy to get out the big camera.  I think I'm almost ready for the big day.   I'm certainly looking forward to some bubbly, some pudding and a new book to read on Christmas afternoon.

How are your prepartations going?  What do you hope Santa is bringing for you?

I really love these weekly collections of little moments from our week - I'll be keeping it going next year - hope Em at the Beetleshack does too.


  1. Love the gingerbread people :)

    We baked honey cookies today (the last of the christmas baking) & even decided to decorate them for a change.

  2. Love your stills - we definitely had a taste of summer for a bit there, didn't we? I'm just pleased to see the sun is out today, even if it is very windy! We've done an un-secret Santa this year because it's only grownups in the family, so we each bought a gift for one other person - it made the lead up to Christmas so much less of a hassle! My sister bought me a subscription to Frankie magazine, that way I'll have a little present every couple of months for the next year! :)

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  4. That painting with the lillies is amazing............where is that one from? Looks stunning.

    Love the little gingerbread people with the swimmers cute.

  5. Your photos are so lovely. And those gingerbread men look yummy!!! I love your blog! So pleased I found it.
    Merry Christmas.
    x Katrina

  6. Beautiful, beautiful beach photos :)

  7. Lovely photos! Adore your all the beautiful mail you have received lately. Maybe I should join you in!? :) I'm looking forward to a peaceful Christmas this year...I will do pretty much nothing. :D I hope you will have a lovely time with your family. Merry Christmas! xo

  8. I might have to join in with this next year too Ally. Surely I could do better than I did with my 52 lists! Have a lovely merry and bright Christmas. Amanda x

  9. those raspberries look delicious. and sweet envy indeed! Happy holidays to you. x


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