Wednesday, December 4, 2013

~ garden mood board nov/dec ~


This rose bush only flowers for a few weeks a year - a huge showy display of roses right in the middle of our garden.  I have no idea what its called and it's in really inconvenient position but each year I'm captivated by just how lovely it is.

Most of the other roses are through their first flush - I dead-headed for a couple of hours on the weekend and the bushes look so empty now.   Many of the other flowers have been knocked around by the seemingly endless November rains - especially my poor peonies. 

So these are my Nov/Dec offerings - one beautiful bunch for my bedside table.

Every month I create a mood board (of sorts!) from my garden.  I link up here  - lots of beautiful photos from different gardens/climates around the world.

How does your garden grow?


  1. Delightful, Ally. The prettiest pinks. x

  2. Wow, my garden doesn't grow with such blooming beauty that's for sure!

  3. What pretty roses! Such a lovely colour, they almost don't look real. I guess that's because it's all autumn shades here in the UK right now, so nice to see the colours of summer elsewhere :)

  4. So pretty! Almost made me cry ;). Hope you get a nice December. Are you liking up with Trädgården på höjden? Did´nt see yours among the others? :)

  5. Beautiful colour! I want to eat those roses... :-) Have a nice christmas!

  6. So pretty Ally! I adore thos photos, the roses are so gorgeous. Thank you for sharing! xo


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