Sunday, December 1, 2013

~ stills as we launch into December ~


1.  Birthday cake for Lily's 11th birthday dinner night - she chose to go out for Japanese with the family and then this at home this yea family tradition in my house when I was growing up - and I still love it.  So easy, so good.

2.  The chickens are proving to be both educational and entertaining - the girls especially love mothering them.

3.  One poor chick (Coco) met with a dreadful accident last weekend and was duly buried with ceremony and poems at the end of the day on Monday.  I'm so impressed with how compassionate these kids are - and how their education doesn't stop and start with maths and literature but can include the big issues as well.

4.  This is my baby reaching up to the sink to get his own drink of water.  So big.  So independent.  Such grubby feet.

5.  Afternoon sun

6.  I've resurrected last year's advent calendar and today there was a chocolate Santa sticking out of the box.  I've struggled to find teeny gifts for the matchboxes this year - will be writing notes for a mini-treasure hunt each morning I think.  The children take turns to open a box - do you do that or do you do one calendar for each child?

7.  Peonies from the garden on the mantlepiece... such decadent beauties.

I love December for all its bustle, anticipation, carols and joy.  
I'll be doing my best not to get overwhelmed and to just enjoy it all for the next few weeks. 

Joining up with Em at the Beetleshack to share some stills from our week.


  1. A lovely collection of shots. I too do my best to keep this month calm and slow, otherwise it's too easy to get swept up in the busy pace, stress and overflow of commitments. I prioritise (both for my family and for my own sanity) and stay close to home as much as possible (oh how I hate shopping centres, especially at this time of year!!) Thankfully, most of my gift buying is out of the way, so it's just my husband's Christmas party, Grace's kindy concert and party and a small family gathering that are on my calendar for the coming weeks. Our Advent calendar went up today too, just one for the girls to share. I love yours! x

  2. i have been trying to work out how to do advent with more than one child. for now the toddler gets all and the baby doesn't notice but i think i will make a second for next year so they both have the daily joy it brings. those chooks are lovely, such sweeties! xx ashley

  3. Lovely stills! Love the advent calender and would love to be more organised to do one next year!

  4. That looks like my kind of birthday cake for sure!

  5. A good week for birthdays!!! I love your matchbox Advent calendar. I didn't make one this year as we are heading away for Christmas...but last year I did and my kids took turns to open the envelope each day. I don't think I could manage making two Advent calendars - making one took enough effort!!!

  6. Lovely pictures. We just do activities for each advent day, instead of toys or lollies.

  7. No good about Coco the chicken. We had a chicken called Coco as well. Regards Kathy A, Brisbane, Australia

  8. lovely photos of your week, those peonies are so pretty!

  9. Those Peonies are stunning.. I love the matchbox advent.. I did similar last year in pouches and too stuggled with gifts that would fit.. stickers and stamps and for a special treat matchbox cars were my answer x

  10. That is such a cute Advent calendar... (I've never ever gotten round to making one myself.)
    Sorry to hear about Coco.
    Ronnie xo

  11. Oh poor coco! So sorry to hear that. x

  12. Oh dear Coco. What a beautiful send off. Loving your advent calendar and those peonies!


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